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    Default website for comparing midi controllers -

    (Shameless self-promotion)

    Hi. I have been working on a site for comparing midi controllers and small keyboards.
    It's not for All-in-one dj controllers but I hope it will help some of you that are into the controllerism way of dj'ing.

    I'd like to hear what you think so feedback is welcome.

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    Interesting idea!

    You should add
    - amount of buttons
    - touch sensitivity
    - Jogs
    - Touch Stripes
    - XY-Pad
    - Banks
    - MIDI editable / sending multiple notes

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    XY-pad is on the site already.
    buttons and banks are on my to do list.
    Right now I don't have specific dj controllers on there so jogs is not currently important.

    What do you mean by midi editable and multiple notes?
    I only list the controls that can be midi mapped. So knobs etc. that only controls the screen on the controller are not listed.

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