My Mono Kontroller Bag Review/Experience...
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    Default My Mono Kontroller Bag Review/Experience...

    What up, DJTT kids? Iíve been a customer of DJTT for almost 5 years but just now joined the forum. I usually stick to the NI or Abes forum for when I need help.
    I just wanted to share my experience with the team at Mono bags recently.
    The past 3 months of my life have been rather depressing. I quit my job of 6 years thinking I had a better opportunity and that I would bounce back fast. Well I didnít bounce. More like a dull thud. Iíve had several promising interviews but they havenít led to anything further than just further interviews and then no call back. Then my sons mother decided we need some breathing room and that she was moving back to her dads house. Not fun stuff. Normally this would be the time I would self destruct and swim down to the bottom of a few bottles of whiskey and build myself a fort made of beer cans. But Iím maintaining composure for my 3 year old son and am being as friendly with his mom as I can.
    As a result of current events, my music and video production has also suffered. I just feel so down sometimes that I just donít see the point in making tracks. Iím trying to 86 that negative bullshit and am working on being more positive.
    So a couple of weeks ago my mom offered to fly me down to my hometown of Houston to hang out with her and my sister for a week. A quick trip to clear my head and try to have some fun and gain some new perspective, and do some field recording.
    When I travel I use the Mono Kontroller bag. The Kontroller is marketed for Traktor or like sized DJ controllers, with room for a laptop and extras. I bought my Kontroller bag on sale from the DJTT store back in November of 2011. I was going on a trip to Costa Rica for a couple weeks and wanted to bring my laptop and Maschine and have some room left over for a few days worth of clothes. Now days when I travel I just tote a MacBook Pro and a LaunchPad and a Zoom H4n and the Kontroller bag has enough room left over for my KRK cans and a few days worth of clothes. It really is an awesome utility bag that is both hardcore and stylish.
    Sadly, on my flight back to Nashville, I ripped the Kontroller bag trying to free it from the evil clutches of one of those tiny ass express jets. Iím 6í4Ē 275 poundsÖ You can imagine my loathing of those tiny flying tin cans. The bag ripped right where the shoulder strap meets the body of the bag. I was bummed for sure but figured I could send it to Mono for repairs or take the DIY approach.
    When I got home I checked the Mono site and found out that they offer a 3 years warranty on their bags. 3 years! Most manufacturers donít even come close to that. So I emailed customer support at Mono and received a reply the next day. Stella at Mono asked me to send a couple of pics of the damaged area. So I sent 2 pics. The next day Stella emailed me asking me for my current address and informed me that The Mono Team had decided that the rip was in an area that could not be easily repaired and that they were sending me a brand new bag free of charge! I was absolutely amazed. The Mono team shipped my new Kontroller bag in less than a week and it arrived today. I was so stoked.
    In short, if youíre looking for a bad ass utility bag that is made in the US and comes with a great warranty with awesome customer support, stop looking and go with Mono! Seriously.
    Thatís all I have for now, kids.
    Take it easy and stay posi!

    Jason Gupton AKA Ticklebot.

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    It's funny how little things can make up your day/week
    Thanks for the review, shame you haven't got any photos...
    Denon X600 - 2x Denon SC-2000 - AKG K181DJ - NI Audio 2

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