Good beginner turntables and mixer?
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    Default Good beginner turntables and mixer?

    I wanna start DJing with DVS (preferably Traktor) and I want a good idea of turntables to buy. Something good for the beginner level. I use a Mixtrack Pro and I want to get away from the all-in-one stuff. I'm thinking about considering some Numarks like the TTX or something similar. Or maybe a Stanton T.62. I want a Traktor S4 because I can also use a turntable along with controlling digital decks with the controller and I want 4 deck control. So either that, OR a Numark M6 mixer and an Audio 6/10 soundcard. I just want the simplest setup possible. Let me know what y'all think, thanks!
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    The TTX is a good deck; I just think it's ugly. (if you don't, then ignore my opinion)

    Look at any of the "Super OEM" tables if you can afford them. They're good. Stanton, Numark, Audio Technica, Pioneer, Reloop, and a bunch of others rebrand those tables as their own (some adding features). I wouldn't personally pay more than about $300 for one, though.

    Here's one list I found online:
    Synq XTRM1
    Stanton T.120/T.120C
    Reloop RP6000
    Stanton STR8-150/ST 150
    Akiyama Acura
    Citronic PD45
    Omnitronic DD5250
    American Audio HTD4.5

    If you can find a pair of Technics SL-1200s (mk2 or up) at a decent price, do that. But their price skyrocketed when they were discontinued. You used to be able to buy and sell them for $250 all the time.

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