Hey All,

I'm trying to get back into using traktor again, and now have a different audio interface and controller than when I used traktor before. I have Traktor pro 2 setup with my Akai MPD 26, that all works fine, I downloaded a mapping off here.

Problem: I can't get the headphone cue to only come out of the headphones, it comes out the main speakers.

I've got my main outputs going through 1&2,all works fine, and I've got the headphone cue going out 3&4. So if i have the crossfader over to deck A I can hear the track playing through my speakers and if I hit the headphone cue button you can hear the track playing on deck 2, but also coming out of the speakers. So how do I separate them? I'm hoping it's just me being stupid rather than my interface not being able to split it out.

If you need any more info just ask! Thanks!