need genuine answers. Help.
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    Default need genuine answers. Help.

    Hello All Professional Music Producers,
    i need to know genuine answers from you guys.
    I am 22. And i want to become A music producer and dj just like deadmau5,David guetta and all. I really Enjoy love music specially EDM. And i know how this industry is getting bigger and bigger per day. So my questions from you guys are-
    Q. Am i too old to start? ( as i see most of the famous producers started young. Ex Martin garrix,Avici etc
    Q. How much time it generally takes to master a DAW software.?
    Q. Do i have to learn Piano,Music theory. And learn how to play it professionally?
    Q. I am a complete Noob, i know that once you were too. So please guys. Gimme genuine answers/Reviews. Tell me how you started.

    Please No Trolls. :|

    *Please provide important links for free coarses for a noob like me regarding learning music theory and dAW

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    Q1 - No you're not too young, most of the best artists are older.
    Q2 - You'll never master the DAW, no matter how good you are you can always learn new tricks
    Q3 - No, but it does help to have some general knowledge.
    Q4 - All my answers are genuine, please be patient and take the time to really learn the craft.

    Anything else, PM me and I will gladly help.

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    You're not too old, no.
    It will take about six months to really feel comfortable with your DAW most likely. But as Kwal said, you'll never truly master it. There are always new ways to do things or undiscovered things.
    Knowing some music theory will definitely help, but there are all kinds of tools to help you do things "theoretically" so it doesn't sound bad.
    Don't get frustrated. It takes a LONG time to get the hang of it. Be humble, ask for advice and take the advice as constructive criticism rather than people telling you that you suck. Work on those things on your next song.

    But first off, I'd learn to DJ if I were you. You need to know basics such as song structure, etc. and knowing how to mix in songs can help immensely in producing songs.
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    Check out coursera, they have some free courses on music theory and a little about DAW's (although it is mostly about bands and not a complete tutorial, the knowledge is still usable).

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    In my opinion you should learn a minimum of the basics of music theory especially the theory of harmonics, otherwise you will be sitting there and trying out and out and out and out (...) in which key your e.g. chord has the best harmony to the rest of your stuff...

    and learning to play the piano would help you to learn a lot of musical theory because it is really fun and: LEARNING BY DOING! always!

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    Its all about mindset and being positive 100% of the time and putting in 10,000 hours.. General rule is 10,000 hours will get you to master just about anything.

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