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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewe View Post
    What mappings have you used on top of HID? Perhaps we could try to re-build the same thing with MIDI?
    Thanks but I know I can rebuild the mappings, I might just do that, I was just hoping a solution was coming.
    The f1 function was really nice and showed the colors of the clips, as far as I know that wont work with just midi.
    In the end I think I might just do some workflow and effect mappings, try to automate some things.

    I was just hoping to have the quick change to Hid mode and the F1 back, bummer.

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    hello all! sorry if i'm hashing up an old topic...I too have the same problem w/mf3d not working and was wondering if there is a "new" solution to the old problem....or even an old solution to the problem. thanks

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    I got it working again! Flash the OSX firmware in the editor. I did this on my widows 10 machine and traktor 2.6.7. It might work on later versions of traktor. Try it!
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    it's 2018, and the problem is still here with windows users.
    I'm running windows 10 x64 and Traktor 2.11 and after the latest Traktor update Remix Deck Mode is no longer available

    please please please do something about it for good.

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    the good news is Traktor 2.10 works flawlessly with MF3D on Windows 10

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