first off i apologize if this post is in the wrong sub forum on this site.

I currently own a Cerwin Vega B119 cabinet that is lacking a woofer. Long story short, bought it and ended up getting it for free because the speaker in it was burned out. I am currently looking for alternatives for the woofer. i have ruled out vega after waiting a year for a $400 watt replacement. i have already tried a Harbringer SP1804S but it blew almost immediately when pushed with 400 watts. im currently on the waiting list for a B-52 18-220X 18" Subwoofer (1000W) but its been delayed 2 months since i ordered it already, so I am looking at alternatives. so far the only one ive found is a Celestion CF18VJD 18" Professional Subwoofer (1600W).

any suggestions from the community would be helpful. the B119 cabinet is a folded horn that matches the Jr Earthquake from Cerwin Vega and the B-52 LX-18EV3. it actually resembles the B-52 cabinet more than a Cerwin Vega cabinet.