Does anyone here have experience with Numark DJIO in a combination with Oddcast. I'm using Oddcast to broadcast my sets to a Shoutcast stream, or trying at least. I'll try to describe my problem ...

Normally when you open Oddcast you should get the options showed on the screenshot below. (Screenshot shows my internal soundcard) Choosing "Wave" works for this card.

But when I select my external soundcard (DJIO) I'm only able to choose "line in". It feels like i would need a "Wave-profile" to be able to pic up the sound from one of the outputs channels (there are 2).

Does anyone know a method for using the DJIO with Shoutcasts (not Icecast)?

I can fix this by routing my output from DJIO to my internal soundcard and then choosing that one in Oddcast. This leaves me with some signal noise.

Setup in Traktor:

Using: Windows XP SP3, Traktor DJ Studio 3, Numark DJIO, Vestax VCI-100