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    Default Folder organisation for 'mini sets' - Traktor DJ

    Hi guys,

    I was previously using Ableton for hybrid live / DJ sets, but now doing a lot of straight up DJing instead. Needed something super portable so went for using Traktor DJ, iPad and the Z1 controller. Originally I wanted to go down the rekordbox route but can't really afford to buy CDJs, a mixer etc to practice on at home.

    This minimal setup is working really well as my needs are not elaborate, but I do need some advice on organising 'mini-sets' as I call them - groups of 3 tracks that all work well together. I want to save loads of these as playlists but have a manageable way of accessing lots of them without having thousands of playlists?

    Any ideas would be very welcome indeed!

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    Use iTunes playlists and that'd work best especially if you have iTunes Match

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