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    You will find music in hundred of online stores.
    Tip1: Listen hours of other DJs and musicians mixes and sets to find tracks that fits your taste.
    Tip2: Subscribe to get unreleased Promo's. That is the most important thing. New unreleased sogs will make you stand out from the mass DJs and do the next step. Your ability to find good songs before others, is the trick.
    This is essential ^

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    Default Music Discovery/where to find tracks

    Spotify Discover in general is amazing. I have found so many great artists using Spotify's Browse > Discover section.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks a ton for this!
    Always appreciate a good post <3

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    Anyone know why Tracktidown is down and when it will come back?

    It's one of my favorites because their lossless files as so much less than Beatport.
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