Having issue with my snapshots page/function on my twister.
Snapshots page will only save one snapshot if i try to save a new snapshot with different pattern, sound, filter etc it does not save but just "jumps" back to the initial snapshot i had saved. this on any of the 16 buttons. general things i've tried installing the mappings again this by using the import button and or the add button restarting computer, traktor and twister any support would be greatly appreciated

Twister FW - 1.4
Traktor - 2.6.8
Mac - Yosemite

Also Ean mentions midi mode in this video
@ 5:05
question 1 - how do i get the mapping (control remix cells)? is it included in the standard mappings?
question 2 - maybe an issue but when i press the two middle buttons to enter midi mode i just get the same color (blue) light up on all 16 rotary buttons. pressing either left or right middle button switches these colors. is this intended behaviour?