I am trying to figure out how to make my encoder LEDs strobe with the tempo of the track I am working on in Maschine. I am sending clock to the MF Twister, but from the Twister manual, I am unclear as to how to send the correct message in Maschine to create the strobe effect. This would be extremely helpful when doing live runs using the Twister.

In other news, the applications of the Twister in this environment are incredible. Mind blowing. I started messing around with MIDI gear some 20 years ago, and even the most basic implementations of the Twister as a straight MIDI controller (without all of the insane complicated mappings that some of you guys are doing in Traktor and Live that I am still trying to wrap my head around) are game changing. Amazing piece of gear, and that's real talk. I just put together a really simple color-coded stand alone mixer for Maschine that basically makes it so that I won't have to ever mess with the Mix screen at all, and have all of my mix parameters on knobs at all times. I have had this thing for 48 hours and am finding new ways to work it in to my workflow constantly. You wouldn't think that a little box of knobs would be so amazing, but it really is. Once I actually figure out what half of the possibilities are, I will be dangerous.

Thanks in advance!