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    Hello there DJtechtools! Its time to replace my old Numark turntables. They are old, dusty and the motors are just not powerful enough.

    Now, if i look at my current options its either the oldskool Technics or some Super OEM model. I would like to stick with the classic Technics design so its either a 1200, a Reloop 7000 or the Pioneer PLX1000. The price of a good quality second hand Technics is about 350-450 euros each, Reloop is around 425 and Pioneer tops with 650.

    I will start by removing the Pioneer from my options because i dont think its worth the extra money. Pioneer might have made the best looking of all the turntables but it aint worth the price difference imo.

    This leaves Technics vs Reloop.

    I like the Reloop for the extra features like torque control, quartz lock, 8/16% and the removal of the center click. The Technics however are build like a tank and are proven, they are the "club standard" and chances are i will never play on Reloop in clubs. And i would like to have the same kind of deck at home and also in the club. I know that higher end Technics have some of these features but im looking to buy the MK2 deck.

    Im looking for a pair of turntables that will last a long time (they will never leave the house). Because turntables are something you buy once and play with them for over a decade after i am tempted to buy new, but this is not possible with the Technics so im a little bit on Reloops side on that.

    Do you guys recommend the Reloop 7000 over a (used) pair of Technics? I know there is something as nostalgia and some people swear by the Technics and i completely understand that. But if i get the same experience with the Reloop i might consider getting those. In the end its about the feeling and not about the brand.

    Give your opinions!

    (btw this is my first post but ive been reading the forums for a long time!)

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    Why do you think it is important to have the same TT's that are in the clubs? You wouldn't know how to beatmatch on a Technics if got a Reloop?
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    Are you going to be using them mainly for DVS or for playing traditional vinyl? For me the difference comes down to the pitch fader- this for me is the one area where the Technics trumps all others. If you are mixing a lot of traditional vinyl and particularly if you like to use the pitch fade for nudging / pitch riding, then I would go for a decent pair of Technics over the Reloops.

    That said, for DVS use- particularly if you don't pitch-ride much (despite this being my sole way of mixing real vinyl I barely touch the pitch fader when using DVS) I would take the RP7000 all day long. I've used them a few times and absolutely loved them. All the extra bells & whistles may or may not be of use to you but even discounting these they are fantastic tables (and you don't have to put up with the fixed RCA cables of the Technics- probably my biggest issue with 1200s/1210s).

    As well as my pair of 1210s I have a pair of Vestax PDX 2000mk2s (in terms of features an older equivalent of the Super OEMs with high torque, start/stop time adjust, reverse, ultra-wide pitch etc). I generally use these for DVS and use my Technics solely for mixing actual vinyl.

    I have on several occasions considered selling both my Vestax & Technics and buying a new pair of the RP7000s, but in the last couple of years I haven't used DVS that much so almost all my turntable use has been playing actual vinyl- and due to my style of mixing being done almost solely with the pitch fader I just can't bring myself to give up my 1210s. They annoy me in several regards- the hard-wired RCAs, grounding issues, overly sensitive to stylus setups compared with other TTs I've used etc, but that pitch fader is just incredible.

    I know some of those issues would probably be sorted with a good service, but my Vestax are even older, have led a much harder life, have never been serviced, and don't give me a hint of trouble- so keep in mind that whilst Technics are very reliable it does not mean that others are not, and a used pair of Technics are going to have led a much harder life than a brand new pair of Reloops...

    So take from that long post what you will, but in my opinion if you are inclined to use the fader on the TT a lot then I'd go for a (good) pair of Technics- but make sure they are in top condition. If you are going to use them mainly for DVS, or you aren't playing a type of music suited to long drawn out pitch-riding mixes (trance etc) then I would take the newer, better featured RP7000s. They look fantastic too.

    All just my opinion of course
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