Nadastrom - Pussy (JSK Remix) [soundcloud]
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    Default Nadastrom - Pussy (JSK Remix) [soundcloud]


    i'm presenting you now an unfinished version of my upcoming remix of pussy by nadastrom.

    first of all, the original is untouchable in my opinion. i had a hard time finding a kick that matches nadastrom one.. i can't even roughly compare it with it, but i think i did a good job.

    so, i remixed this song because i fucking love that sound that nadastrom uses, but i think he underused it in pussy. the vocals in the original don't destroy it, but take alot energy away from the song.

    i pretty much destroyed the sample using it in every bit i could.

    note that this is an unfinished version, a lot of details are missing.

    whatever, i freaking love my work and i hope you will too.


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    Awesome stuff dude! Hopefully you'll post the finished version soon...

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