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    The samplers alone are worth having the matrix inputs. I used them constantly to create buildups, re-edit tracks on the fly, and creating a re-send to layer fx. I used the matrix inputs a couple times during that all vinyl set when Gritzen came out to keep part of a tune looped in the sampler while mixing the intro of that same track in on another channel.
    Right, for duplicating tracks like for effects or samplers, not for four or more individual decks at the same time even though you might want two pair of three connected. Yet for some bizarre reason Rane doesn't even give an accessible means of switching inputs on the top except between USB, the channel inputs, and the aux. Super weird. I guess they could have managed to satisfy multideck mixing with six channels and kept their switches where they are, but four or five is already pretty cluttered. Mystifying they'd not think of just simply putting that selector switch on top like A&H did.

    I also contend if you're going to go the route of matrix inputs, four mixing channels is already overkill. Take advantage of the top to spread stuff out and provide room, and then cram a bunch of inputs on the back that can be assigned to any three of those top channels.

    I really liked your DB2, and the Rane's limitations combined with the dual filter per channel option of the DB4 is making these Xones look very appealing. I was just mixing for a while on the two channel PPD01 (the older sibling of that PPD9000) and its filter mode is pretty useless most of the time -- resonance doesn't go away on minimum and the treble knob is how you select filter type. The low-pass, resonance, high-pass for treble, mids, and bass knobs, respectively, makes a lot more sense, since using both filters at the same time can create a band-pass, anyway. Obviously you want the resonance knob all the way to the left to have no resonance, since otherwise the filters are still doing a little bit of their thing when they're not supposed to be cutting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    I don't understand why you'd want one over the other.

    They are SO different?
    This !!, two completely different things...i would go for the db4 because this is a awesome mixer
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