You don't know me because a) I am new and b) I haven't posted here. I lurk a bit.

I just wanted to drop a note here, publicly, about my experiences with the DJTT staff.

My first order was a Midi Fighter 3D, which I felt like was made for me- instant addiction. Then I ordered a Twister. I was so excited about the Twister, I watched the online tracking updates like a hawk. That's why the day it was on the truck to be delivered, I watched the status move to "Delivered," but was very confused. No package. There was a period of a couple hours between when I saw the status change and when I was able to get home to rip it open. No package.

I immediately emailed DJTT. The people who helped me were Matias and Kelley, I think mostly Kelley because I had the most correspondence with her. She was ON IT. She figured out the problem and fixed it. FAST. I was holding my new twister, despite complicating the matter by moving to a new house, within days. She just... did it. She went so far as to speak to the delivery truck driver. In the end, she fixed it and I was happy.

That was a little issue.

I came back to DJTT to get some more stuff. I own all of the Korg Voca synths, or I did, until they just came out with the Voca Sample. I was checking that out and also was interested in a second Midi Fighter 3D. While I was on DJTT shopping, my father looked over my shoulder a few times. He inquired what I was up to. Being a musician himself, he was very interested in my own music making. I even got him dancing once to a Launchpad performance I put on for him in my studio. That was funny. So. My Dad, the musician, was watching me do math and figure out if I could afford the things in my basket: The 3D and the Voca Sample. He tapped me on the shoulder and handed me his Visa. Wow.

I placed the order and we decided just to make it simple, to ship to my Dad's house since we used his card. Plus then he would be able to actually "give" me the items by handing them to me. I know he liked the idea of that.

One, two or three days later (I can't remember now,) my Dad called me for help. Two things he never did: 1) call (he was a txt-aholic) and 2) ask for help... ever. He needed to go to the hospital and it was an emergency. I dashed over to his apartment and picked him up. He sort of collapsed outside the emergency room upon our arrival. It was all down hill from there.

I'll spare you most of the details of that awful day. I sat helplessly while different doctors tested and tested and tested my Dad. He was in agony. It was torture. Eight hours after we arrived... the doctors lost control of the situation and my Dad died. He wasn't sick. He wasn't hurt. He had an infection in his blood and died of septic shock before anyone knew he had an infection at all. I was very close with my Dad in recent years, and as an adult with my own two small children, I finally appreciated the father / son relationship and took advantage of every second I could. But he is gone now. Two weeks today.

Fed Ex brought the DJTT order to my Dad's apartment multiple times. Nobody was home, obviously. I signed the door tag when I checked Dad's mail, but they wanted an in person signature. It looked like my Dad's final gift to me was going to be lost.

I contacted Kelley directly, since I had her email from the last issue. She is some kind of superhero. She tracked down the package and contacted Fed Ex over and over. She attempted to have them deliver it to me at my house, but they don't like that. She kept up with it. She kept reaching out to them and keeping me in the loop. She went above and beyond, over and over. Matias was definitely supporting her efforts and would contact me if I sent a note and Kelley was out of the office. He deserves credit as well.

The order is bouncing back to DJTT, according to Kelley, who I got a note from just now. She is going to resend it to me at my house and I will indeed get to enjoy my Dad's final gift.

Kelley and Matias didn't have to do all this. They could have very well said, "Too bad. Sorry," and just let the items come back to them and kept my Dad's money. They didn't have to write me over and over and tell me what was happening. They didn't have to be so compassionate about this situation and offer personal condolences and notes of comfort. But they did. And Matias did something else. He sent me a gift. Just on his own... without prompting I know of, he sent me a gift. It's not important what it was- but he decided to do this on his own and I just can't believe it.

I wanted to tell this story because I wanted you all to know what kind of people and what kind of company you are patronizing here. It's a small business with actual people who give a damn about PEOPLE, not things. I want everyone to know that the DJTT staff is very human indeed, and the best versions of humans there are. Maybe your story is different and you didn't get what you wanted from DJTT. Maybe you don't think this is all that great. But I am telling you... the place I am in right now is not a fun one. Any and every bright spot is a gift right now. People who care about people are what matter to me in this sensitive time. And out of all the places in the world to find such people, I never thought it would be on a website that sells goods and encourages music makers to do what they do.

Take a second and appreciate this place, this company and DJTT staff as they are. The best.

Thanks for reading,