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    logged back in and my cart and hold bin are gone again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluegrassdj View Post
    beatport pro is designed for mobile devices but a lot of the cosmetic changes don't work on the desktop version.

    i like the new soundcloud visually. i just don't like the features they took away. like seeing the activity people you follow have been up to. they're likes, comments etc. their mobile app looks alot better but they took away so many features a lot of people have stopped using it. myself included.
    Beatport pro has more bugs than Starship Troopers. I'm using an iPad Air. It can't even play a list of tunes without losing place and going into shuffle mode.

    Works way better on my home Windows PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loverocket View Post
    Works way better on my home Windows PC.
    It's so shit it barely works on a laptop too

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    When I switch back to the classic version, my cart/hold bin are blocked from viewing. It feels like the transition from old to new Soundcloud. Old Soundcloud was the tits. I miss that sucker.

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