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    A two hour journey through all things drum and bass.. !

    Massive shout to all the producers.. Loads of free music in the mix this week !

    Serenity - Esym (Original Mix)
    Ascend - Esym (Original Mix)
    Hiding - Esym (Original Mix)
    Tension - Esym (Original Mix)
    Justify - Vexed (Original Mix)
    Vietnam specialist - JComma (Original Mix)
    Alchemist - Abstrakt Vision (Original Mix)
    Closer Feat. Kiddah - Fragment (Original Mix)
    Meander - Fragment (Original Mix)
    Replacement - Oz (Original Mix)
    Hope - Neutral Density (Original Mix)
    Better late than never - Saikon (Original Mix)
    High times Feat. MC Fats - L-Side (Original Mix)
    Far cry from consistency - Bloomph (Original Mix)
    Shuttle - Lezley D (Original Mix)
    Beyond the void - Centaspike (Original Mix)
    Broken street lamp - Centaspike (Original Mix)
    Sleeper agents - Centaspike (Original Mix)
    Eternity - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)
    Lions calling - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)
    Requiem - Sick Cycle (Original Mix)
    Bruised - Bohemian (Original Mix)
    Ehires - Bohemian (Original Mix)
    Dessert storm - Bohemian (Original Mix)
    Experiments - Bohemian (Original Mix)
    Flair - Bohemian (Original Mix)
    Boomerang - Bohemian & Filip Motovunski (Original Mix)
    Paint the stars - Ziz & Doc Logic (Original Mix)
    What i am - Ziz & Doc Logic (Original Mix)
    Flashlight Feat. Inja - Whiney (Original Mix)
    Hold on a while Feat. Jono Mcleery - Technimatic (Alix Perez Remix)

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    Three hours of quality drum and bass.. !

    A three hour journey through mixed styles of the spectrum.. !

    A massive shout to Jon Tetly and Abstract Illusion for this weeks free music..

    Isolation - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    Abyss - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)
    You got it - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)
    Itch it up - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)
    Artificial Skin - London Elektricity, Emer Dineen (Keeno VIP)
    Tomorrows another day - Netsky (Original Mix)
    King of the stars - Crystal Clear, Netsky (Original Mix)
    Stasis - Seba (Original Mix)
    Jungle music - Seba (Original Mix)
    Remind me - High Contrast (Original Mix)
    Life is - Seba (Original Mix)
    Blaze and fade out Feat. Krister Linder - Seba (12” Version)
    Before i can breath - Seba, Physics (Original Mix)
    Round one - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)
    Twilight - Jon Tetly (Original Mix)
    Replicant reprisal - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    Basstafari - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    Dubs fell - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    She said go - Freebie from Soundcloud (Original Mix)
    Feel the night - Ugo Platana, Ostbahnhof (Koncept Remix)
    Hit the freeway - Toni Braxton (Matrix & Danny J Remix)
    Trippin’ - Matrix and Future Bound (Original Mix)
    Dreams - Aperio (Original Mix)
    Give a hand - Bohemian (Original Mix)
    Funky number - Henry (Original Mix)
    Acting up - Dialogue (Original Mix)
    Original - Murdoch (Original Mix)
    Final frontier Feat. Doctrine - Murdoch (Original Mix)
    A mi fi tell you - Abstract Illusion (Re-edit)
    Alpha male - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    Apache ape - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    Valley of the shadows - Abstract Illusion (Abstract Illusion Bootleg)
    Ninety three - Abstract Illusion (Remaster)
    Pending - Conspire (Original Mix)
    Settle down - Jaybee, Madcap (Original Mix)
    Mind, body and soul - Madcap, Jaybee (Original Mix)
    Darkside-Revealed - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    Jungle wars response unit - Abstract Illusion (Original Mix)
    The flavour - Lurch, Anthony Kasper (Original Mix)
    A love so true - Dave Owen (Original Mix)

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    4 Hours of energectic drum and bass, featuring tech step and neurofunků !

    320 Kbps

    Miya Moro - Ghost (Original Mix)
    Nomad - Ripples (Original Mix)
    Spoke - Knock off (Original Mix)
    J. Kong - Rock Riddem (Original Mix)
    Dedman - Stagnate (Original Mix)
    Recall - Splinter of Evil (Original Mix)
    Recall - Destroyed, Hold Your Breath (Original Mix)
    Recall - Cthulu (Original Mix)
    Recall - Kids Who Get High - (Original Mix)
    DnbPro - Hit Them With This (Original Mix)
    DnbPro - Drop The Bass ! (Original Mix)
    DnbPro - Project 174 (Original Mix)
    DnbPro - Monstor (Original Mix)
    Mashox & Cyke - Irreversible (Original Mix)
    Billian & NickBee - Extrasensory (Original Mix)
    Gunston - Vectral V5 (Fat Mix)
    Kenesis Feat. Talabun MC - Mechanisms (Original Mix)
    Kenesis - Breakdown (Original Mix)
    Kenesis - Cosmoport (Original Mix)
    Dremen - I Got The Key (Sanse Remix)
    Zwitterion - Envelope (Original Mix)
    Insidelnfo - Awkward Feat. Sw@t (Original Mix)
    Current Value - Gyrocopter (Original Mix)
    Current Value - Pelham 123 (Original Mix)
    DJ Emotion - No Fear (Original Mix)
    DJ Emotion - Mental Affection (Original Mix)
    Sw@t, Insidelnfo - Bottled (Original Mix)
    Current Value - Steam Machine (Original Mix)
    Current Value - Conditioning (Original Mix)
    Noisier - Into Dust (Original Mix)
    Addison - Grudge (Original Mix)
    Horseman - DJ Emotion (Original Mix)
    Neironic - Memory (Original Mix)
    Telekinesis, Coppa - Fight Club (Pythius Remix)
    Genesis - Nightfall (Original Mix)
    Genesis - Cause and Effect (Original Mix)
    Nailz - Subhype (Original Mix)
    Formant - Only In My Head (Original Mix)
    PlayKncino - Verifying (Original Mix)
    Pantry - Outcrier (Original Mix)
    Retrakt - Gravity (Original Mix)
    YIKEN7 - YIKEN7 (Original Mix)
    Kenesis - Tremendous (Original Mix)
    Kenesis - Intercept (Original Mix)
    Human Condition - Human Condition (Original Mix)
    Salaryman - Escape (Original Mix)
    Weak - Burn it Down (Original Mix)
    n0isemakeR - The New Flesh (Original Mix)
    n0isemakeR - Cloud Boxer (Original Mix)
    n0isemakeR - Tinfoil (Original Mix)
    n0isemakeR - Hoginmef (Original Mix)
    Technical Itch - Solitude Affect (Original Mix)
    Limewax - Perreo Intenso (Original Mix)
    Centaspike - Broken Energy (Original Mix)
    Sinistarr, Calculus - First Crush Feat. Audio Angel (Original Mix)
    Sinistarr, Calculus - Rubensque (Original Mix)
    Nausea - Echoes (Original Mix)
    Steo, Need For Mirrors - Neverless (Original Mix)

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    A two hour journey through the world of drum n bass.. !

    I had lots of free music to play this week, so shouts to…

    DJ Choppah, Darren Capon, Schoco, BoomSha Recordings, DJ Ransome & SynthForce, Vision, Interrex, InTaKe, AK1200, Aboriginal & Phonic, KrypteK and Inner Recordings

    320 Kbps

    Schoco - Back In The Dessert (Original Mix)
    Schoco - Still Insane (Original Mix)
    Elle Henderson - Yours (Vision Bootleg)
    McLeod, Symptom - Just The Way (Original Mix)
    Seba, Lotek - Waveforms (Original Mix)
    Interrex - Shaolin Master (Original Mix)
    Interrex - Re-Stealth (Original Mix)
    Alborosie - Kingston Town (DJ Choppah Remix)
    Conroy Smith - Dangerous (DJ Choppah Remix)
    DJ Choppah - Love Dub Remix
    DJ Choppah - Under Pressure (Original Mix)
    DJ Choppah - Frozen Planet (Original Mix)
    Seba, Lotek - Universal Music (Original Mix)
    InTaKe & DJ Ransome - Filtering Images (Original Mix)
    SynthForce - Drifting Memories (Original Mix)
    SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Without You (Original Mix)
    DJ Choppah - Stormy Jungle (Dub Mix)
    Interred - Killa Sound (Original Mix)
    Interred - Time Away (Original Mix)
    SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Radio Signals (Original Mix)
    AK1200 - Real Justice (Original Mix)
    INF1N1TE - Alone (Interrex Remix)
    SynthForce & DJ Ransome - Behemoth (Original Mix)
    Pendulum - Set Me On Fire (SynthForce & DJ Ransome Remix)
    Clean Bandit Feat Zara Larrson - Symphony (KrypteK Bootleg)
    Aboriginal & Phonic - Tell yourself Feat. EAM (Original Mix)
    TenGraphs - Possessed (Interrex Remix)

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