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    Friday’s Show For Download.. !

    Two Hours of Techie Drum n Bass.. !

    Big up to all the Producers for the free music :-)

    320 Kbps

    Vinnie Paz - Drag You To Hell (Digital Goon Remix)

    Vince Grain - Chrome Heater (Original Mix)

    Wintermute & Amon Bay - Fall (Vince Grain Remix)

    Vince Grain - Shattered (Original Mix)

    Vince Grain - My Own Winter (Bone Remix)

    Altex & Formatz - Make It Bounce (Original Mix)

    Lost - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Fracture - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Fargo - 5 (Original Mix)

    Echonic & Noya - Stack (Original Mix)

    Sick Cycle - Weightless (Original Mix)

    Sick Cycle - Back to Basics (Original Mix)

    Dms - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Kazan - Gnarly (Original Mix)

    DPD - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Fevered Noya - Modem in Love (Original Mix)

    World of Dogs - Death Grips (Juicebox Remix)

    Oliver York - The Chamber (Original Mix)

    Phil.osophy - Underworld (Original Mix)

    Perfect Organism - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Frankynmurray - Jarko (Original Mix)

    Voltage Voodoo Feat. Maria Lea - Eyes (Original Mix)

    Klick Klack - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Severity - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Four Points & Ken Rhodes - Ice Cold (Original Mix)

    Krispy Feat. MC Tan - Ozone (Blake Frost Remix)

    Terrence & Phillip - Limitless (Original Mix)

    Limitless - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Larrge - Gravity (Original Mix)

    M Beat Feat. General Levy - Incredible (Galvatron Remix)

    Xorcore - Believe Me (DJ Ransome & SynthForce Remix)

    Break - Who Got Da Funk (Boom Bass Brothers Remix)

    DJ Zinc - Casino Royale (Original Mix)

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    Two Hours of Deep, Liquid and Energetic Rolling Drum n Bass

    First two hours, all new music.. !

    Out to Bornintofault for this weeks free music !

    320 Kbps

    Paul SG - Phunk Phenomenon (Original Mix)

    Paul SG - Start A Fire Feat. Danny Wheeler (Original Mix)

    Bornintofault - Step (Original Mix)

    Bornintofault - Last Tuesday (Original Mix)

    Salaryman - D&B Propulsion (Sample Pack)

    Mentah - Not What Is (Original Mix)

    Profilix & Nuvaman - You (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - In My Thought22s (Original Mix)

    Rhythmic Soulz - Ohh iii VIP (Original Mix)

    T.Kay - Smoke It Up (Original Mix)

    Freebie - Summertime (Original Mix)

    Bornintofault - Runner (Original Mix)

    Bornintofault - Pines (Original Mix)

    Spectre Feat. Aryma - Kursiva (Original Mix)

    Satl - Follow Me (Original Mix)

    Submorphics - Ruby Falls (Original Mix)

    Tokyo Prose - Journey Inwards (Original Mix)

    Presto - Surreal (Original Mix)

    Muted Hue - Uncertainty (Original Mix)

    Post Malone - Psycho (Oakwite Bootleg)

    Lenzman - Don’t Let Go Feat. Redeyes (Original Mix)

    Lenzman - Emeralds Feat. Jo-S (Original Mix)

    Levela, Splice - The Rush (Original Mix)

    Bladerunner, Savage Rehab - Something’s Got to Give (Original Mix)

    DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Neumatic Remix)

    Danny Byrd - Devil’s Drop (Original Mix)

    Nu:Logic - Strut Feat. Other Echoes (S.P.Y Remix)

    Whiney - Sleek (Original Mix)

    Killer Hertz - All Out (Original Mix)

    Killer Hertz - Prometheus (Original Mix)

    Future Prophecies - Jack The Groove (Gydra Remix)

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    Three Hours of Deep Rolling & Tech Drum n Bass..

    Massive Shout To All The Producers For The Free Music

    Out To Darren Capon, Aeon Four And Boomsha Recordings For Two Absolutely Awesome Tracks !

    320 Kbps

    Rob Wolverson - World Gone Mad Feat. Juggernaut (Original Mix)

    Taiwan MC - Catalina Feat. Paloma Pradal (Didak Remix)

    Design - Pressure Sequence (Original Mix)

    Design - Predicaments (Original Mix)

    LANDR - Jungle Dem (Original Mix)

    Aquasion - Jazz Cigarette (Aquasion Remix)

    Aquasion - Dressed to Chill (Soultec Remix)

    Steez - So Right (Aquasion Remix)

    Didak - International Thing (Original Mix)

    Breakbeat Scientist - Time to Play (Abstract Illusion Remix)

    Conrad Subs - Lethal Session (Original Mix)

    Bowser - Prophecy (Original Mix)

    Fine lines - Freebie (Original Mix)

    Dimension - Whip Slap II (Patient Edit II)

    In-Deed - Cravings (Original Mix)

    Lups Digga - Second Youth (Original Mix)

    Stephen - Fly Down (Alibi DnB Edit)

    Indigo Virus - The Fire Fades (Original Mix)

    Aeon Four - Water Margin (Original Mix)

    Aeon Four - Jupiter Dawn (Original Mix)

    Makoto - Far East (Original Mix)

    Machete - Butterfly (Original Mix)

    Flowrian - Wait For Me (Original Mix)

    CJ Bolland - Suger is Sweeter (DJ Ransome Remix)

    Groove Armada - Superstylin’ (DJ Ransome Remix)

    IDENTIFY - Utopia (Original Mix)

    Childish Gambino - V. 3005 (IDENTIFY Remix)

    Chantelle Rowe - I’m free (IDENTIFY Remix)

    Offaiah - Trouble (IDENTIFY Remix)

    Sam Sparrow - Black and Gold (Komatic Remix)

    Submorphics - Burning Love (Lenzman Remix)

    DJ Stunna - Back in Time (Original Mix)

    Fishy - As Above As Below (Original Mix)

    Method One - Swingshift (Original Mix)

    Row pieces - Charming & Harming (Original Mix)

    Future Assassins - Eon (Original Mix)

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    Two Hours of Deep, Rolling Drum and Bass

    Big up to all the producers for the free music..

    Geety, nOisemakeR, Doom Poets, Shivaxi & Cybernetika, Tech Itch Recordings
    and Section8 Recordings.

    320 Kbps

    Makoto - Innerself (Original 12” Mix)

    Makoto - Music Has Never Let Me Down (Original 12” Mix)

    Flowrian - Imagine No Longer (Original 12” Mix)

    Flowrian - Midnight Jazz (Original 12” Mix)

    Geety - Cirrus Dreams (Original Mix)

    Geety - Burning (Original Mix)

    Nuvertal - Parting Time (Original Mix)

    Nuvertal - Melting Ball of Joy (Original Mix)

    Dan Guidance - Give Me An Answer (Original Mix)

    Dan Guidance - Within Our Love (Original Mix)

    nOisemakeR - Airstrike (Original Mix)

    nOisemakeR - Anachronism (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - MFOS (Original Mix)

    Lm1 - Blue Mountain (Original Mix)

    Lm1 - Renaissance (Original Mix)

    Lm1, Jett - Tomorrow (Original Mix)

    Seba - Shades of Me & You (Original Mix)

    Altitude - Make Believe (Original Mix)

    Variants - The Story Ends (Original Mix)

    Altitude - Levitate (Original Mix)

    Altitude - Falling (Original Mix)

    PFM - For All of Us (Original 12” Mix)

    Doom Poets - Snake Skin (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - Brighter Days (Original Mix)

    Cryogenics - Dark Visions (Original Mix)

    Current Value - Dark Rain (Shivaxi & Cybernetika Bootleg)

    St. Cal - Loosing Ground (Original Mix)

    Aristocrats - Urban Banquet (Original Mix)

    Dan Guidance - Another Version (Original Mix)

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    Two Hours of Rolling, Energetic, Tech Drum and Bass

    Massive Shout To Arxiva For His Excellent Free Music.. !

    You can check out Arxiva’s music on his Soundcloud page, a lot
    of his music is free to download..

    320 Kbps

    Centaspike - Legal, Lies, Drugs and Murder (Original Mix)

    Centaspike - Homecoming Queen (Original Mix)

    Estewes - The Darkness (Original Mix)

    Estewes - Hacksaw (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Infinity Quantum (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Crystal Consciousness (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Espiral (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Coma (Original Mix)

    Estewes - Kenny and Lucca (Original Mix)

    Estewes - Fluent (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Bedem (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - ?Arae (Original Mix)

    Estewes - Vindaloo Step (Original Mix)

    Estewes - Dreadnaught (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Synthesis (Original Mix)

    Arrive - The Journey (Original Mix)

    Arrive - Subtle Concept (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - Agony (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - Lost Connection (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - Serpent (Original Mix)

    Bios Destruction - Colonization (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Mirror (Original Mix)

    Arxiva - Capitulo (Original Mix)

    Didak - Just Like (Original Mix)

    DMR - Depth (Original Mix)

    Hewson & Nodus - Antisocial (Original Mix)

    Kursiva - Spectre Feat. Aryma (Original Mix)

    Aeon Four - Jupiter Dawn (Original Mix)

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    3 Hours of Rolling Liquid, Deep and Tech Drum and Bass

    Massive Shout Out To All The Producers For The Free Tunage..

    Adese and MGo, CELO, Foureye, Komito, Geety, Asghar, Doom Poets
    Tech Itch Recordings, Default Recordings and V33 Records

    320 Kbps

    PFM, Arion - Emerge (Original 12” Mix)

    Paul SG - Soul Asylum (Original Mix)

    Composite - Know Yourself (Original Mix)

    Carter, Paul SG - Rhodesia (Original Mix)

    Adese, MGo - Yang (Original Mix)

    Adese MGo - Ying (Original Mix)

    CELO - Calling (Original Mix)

    CELO - Submerged (Original Mix)

    Dan Guidance - Bravo Zulu 88 (Original Mix)

    Dan Guidance - Turn Out The Lights (Original Mix)

    Jrumhand - Francoise (Soultec Remix)

    Accession - Sax In The City (Original Mix)

    PFM - Driftin’ on By (Original Mix)

    Joint Stock Galaxy - And Dancing For All (Original Mix)

    Joint Stock Galaxy - Bust A Groove (Original Mix)

    Foureye - Air Raid (Original Mix)

    Foureye - D.A.N (Original Mix)

    Foureye - Reality (Original Mix)

    Foureye - Because of You (Original Mix)

    Lenin - Summer Rain (Original Mix)

    Komito - Twilight City (Original Mix)

    Lenin - Like You (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - Tell Me Why (Perspective Shift Remix)

    Resound - Sounds of The City (ASC Remix)

    Ed Solo & Deekline - No No No (You Don’t Love Me) (Original Mix)

    Kris Van Small - Memories (Rebel & Drum Remix)

    Strange Rollers - Bedtime Stories (Electrux Remix)

    Adam Form - See Clear (Original Mix)

    Komatic - Now She’s Free (Original Mix)

    Stunna - First Light (Original Mix)

    Get - In Love Before (Original Mix)

    Asghar - Tied Hands (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - Ruby Eyes (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - The Triengle (Original Mix)

    Relight - Gold Teeth (Nectax Bootleg)

    Doom Poets - When Life Ends (Original Mix)

    Salaryman - D&B Propulsion (Original Mix)

    Twisted Facts - Diamonds (Original Mix)

    Najeem S - New Horizons (Original Mix)

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