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    Three Hours of Rolling Drum and Bass !

    Great selection this week, pure vibes for three hours.. !

    Big shout to all the producers who sent me free music this week

    Getty, Komito, Doctor Jeep, Sinistarr, I-Dren, Plush Recordings and Auraya Recordings

    320 Kbps

    Altitude - Wounded (Original Mix)

    Silence Groove - Recondite (Original Mix)

    Decon - Aristocats (Original Mix)

    Aquasion - Queen Of Hearts (Original Mix)

    Nuvertal - Shine Feat.Faib (Original Mix)

    Greekboy - Hardcore (Original Mix)

    Radical - Build Me Up (Original Mix)

    Actraiser - Yesterday (Original Mix)

    Lm 1, Atmodisiac - After Dark (Original Mix)

    Future Engineers - Side-Effects (Electrosoul System Remix)

    Logistics - Kestrel (Original Mix)

    n0isemakeR, Ezy, Unsub - Qlimax (Original Mix)

    n0isenmakeR, Unsub - Selftitled (Original Mix)

    n0isemaker, Unsub, Uku - Hard (Original Mix)

    Geety - Lost In Time (Original Mix)

    Komito - You’re Cute (Original Mix)

    Komito - Eve (Original Mix)

    Geety - True Love (Original Mix)

    Humanature, Ash:Ram - Nautilus (Original Mix)

    Advisory, Scenic - Natural Progression (Original Mix)

    Lm 1 - Zero Gravity (Scenic & Advisory Remix)

    Komito - 214 Aftermath (Original Mix)

    Greekboy - Uno, Dos, Tre, Quatro (Original Mix)

    Humanature, Bert H - Blackhouse (Original Mix)

    Tim Cant, Greekboy - World United (Original Mix)

    Humanature, Dub Signalz - Heart & Soul (Original Mix)

    n0isemakeR, Unsub - Anachronism (Original Mix)

    Break - Alpha (Original Mix)

    I-Dren - Perspective (Original Mix)

    Monty - Nothing Wrong (Original Mix)

    Doctor Jeep - Temple Run (Original Mix)

    Doctor Jeep - Natural Selection (Original Mix)

    Doctor Jeep - Red Stripe Feat. Sinistarr (Original Mix)

    Covered In Snow - How I deal With Silence (Komito Remix)

    High Performance - The Others (Original Mix)

    Submatic Feat. Natalia - Rainbow (Original Mix)

    Damas - Cosmikk (Original Mix)

    Calibre - Strung Out (Original Mix)

    Rowpieces - Share The Vibes (Original 12” Mix)

    Fred V & Grafix - Sick Of All Your Secrets Feat. Josie (Logistics Remix)

    Stanton Warriors - The One Feat. Laura Steel (Danny Byrd Remix)

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    Three Hours of Quality, Rolling Drum and Bass !

    Shouts to Komito and Bons for this weeks excellent free music..

    320 Kbps

    Patient - Flow (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - Somber (Original Mix)

    Kendrick Lamar - Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (AC Bootleg)

    Komito - Alien Intelligence (Original Mix)

    Indigo Virus - The Fire Fades (Original Mix)

    Electric Touch - Freebie (Remix)

    Rhythmic Soulz - Ohh iii VIP (Original Mix)

    Nuage - Feel Me (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - Tell Me Why (Silence Groove Remix)

    LowRIDERz, Shiny Radio - F*ck Tha Intelligent (Original Mix)

    Nelver - Know Me (Original Mix)

    Scott Allen, Greekboy - Meltdown (Original Mix)

    Actraiser - Love For You (Original Mix)

    Toez - Clan Engineers (Original Mix)

    Full causal - Lost Feelings (Original Mix)

    Raiders - Release Feat. Altitude (Original Mix)

    Gremlinz - Arowana (Original Mix)

    Agressor Bunx - MS13 (Bons Remix)

    Jungle - Bons (Original Mix)

    Saintone - Baby I’m Gonna Let You Die (Original Mix)

    Skepta - Make Peace Not War (Blame Instrumental Mix)

    Advisory, Scenic - Drift Out (VIP) (Original Mix)

    Advisory, Scenic - Skin Deep (Original Mix)

    Actraiser - Full Moon (Original Mix)

    Cubits, Hold Tight - Salvation (Blame Remix)

    Blame - Inside Heart (Original Mix)

    Bons - Monster VIP (Original Mix)

    Mean Teeth - Gutterfunk Feat. Kerizma MC (Bons Remix)

    Saintone - Hypnotics (Bons Remix)

    II - The Heather (Original Mix)

    Bons - Away (Original Mix)

    Koto - Descent (Original Mix)

    Deacon - How It Is (Original Mix)

    Dru Hill, D.A - Affectionizm Pt1, In My Bed (Remix)

    Blame - Hiro (Original Mix)

    Blame - Apocalypto (Original Mix)

    Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag (Original Mix)

    Bungle - Cocooned (Original Mix)

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    Three Hours of Techie Drum and Bass

    Out to Paragon, Kratos, B-Origin and Tech Itch Recordings for this weeks free music

    320 Kbps

    Adham Shaikh - Water Prayer 2 (Mat The Alien Remix)

    Seva - Kabul (Original Mix)

    Abstrakt Vision - Sanctrum (Original Mix)

    Brusten - Pathway Exposure (Original Mix)

    Mentol - Override (Original Mix)

    Ding - Geneology (Original Mix)

    Addison Groove, Sam Binga - Rzor (Friction Remix)

    B-Origin - Discarded Future (Original Mix)

    Paragon - Code 906 (Original Mix)

    Paragon, Zigril - Mycelium (Original Mix)

    Paragon, DJ E - Red Light Fever (Original Mix)

    Paragon, Voyage - Up In Smoke (Original Mix)

    Atomia - Evil Evolutions (Original Mix)

    Drum sound & Baseline Smith - Outlaw Renegade (Original Mix)

    Keri Beats - Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

    Neoid - Drumz (Original Mix)

    One Reflex - Funky Roll (Original Mix)

    Neuronic - Voice of Reason (Original Mix)

    Paragon - Iris (Original Mix)

    Petroleum Orgy - Cry (Original Mix)

    Ophlot - Visions (Original Mix)

    Typecell - Glitch (Original Mix)

    X Company - Walk (Original Mix)

    Black Depth - Rainy Day (Original Mix)

    Stunna - Ocean of Stars (Original Mix)

    Black Area - Mad Funk (Original Mix)

    Agressor Pop - Alter Ego (Original Mix)

    Malefactor - The Sunset (Original Mix)

    Bad Signal - 8 Levels (Original Mix)

    Etherwood - Amen Roadtrip (Original Mix)

    Zhu - Faded - Delta Heavy Bootleg (Original Mix)

    Need For Mirrors - Clock Out (Original Mix)

    Paragon, Cypher - Effigy (Original Mix)

    CENTASPIKE - Student of The Cult (Original Mix)

    CENTASPIKE - 4TH Dimensional Creatures (Original Mix)

    CENTASPIKE - Brokenergy (Original Mix)

    CENTASPIKE - Urban Chatter (Original Mix)

    Mystic State - Brixton Dub (Original Mix)

    Jay drop, Mystic State, Pandaka (Original Mix)

    Paragon - Ugly (Mystic State’s Disfigured Remix)

    Gremlinz, Mystic State - Don’t Start Feat, MC Megatron (Original Mix)

    Kolectiv - Cell State (Mystic State Remix)

    Lana Del Ray - Born To Die (Mystic State Remix)

    Sick Cycle, Jabz MC - Subsonic New World Order (Original Mix)

    Total Science - Contraband (Original Mix)

    Commix - Justified (Spectrasoul Remix)

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    Three Hours of Quality Drum and Bass !

    Out to Siick, Shitomi, Tesseract Recordings, Secret Lab Recordings, CB (Chris Byrne)
    and Plush Recordings for this weeks free music

    320 Kbps

    Earl Grey - Malfeasance (Original Mix)

    Debrief - Velvet Punch (Original Mix)

    Chill Collective - XTC (Original Mix)

    Shivaxi - Resistance (Original Mix)

    Molekular - If You Say So (Original Mix)

    Ziz - Cruise Control (Original Mix)

    Ziz - The Island (Original Mix)

    CB - Bonnie & Clyde (Original Mix)

    CB - Dance of Flames (Original Mix)

    Airtek - Galaxy (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - Ember (Original Mix)

    Seba, Method One - Dawn Patrol (Original Mix)

    Seba, Method One - Eidolon (Original Mix)

    Seba, Method One - Silicon Nature (Original Mix)

    Silence Groove, Hugh Hardie - City Soul (Original Mix)

    L.A.O.S - We All (Blame Remix)

    Blame - Stay Forever (Original Mix)

    Actraiser - Galactic Tides (Original Mix)

    Blame - Skyline (Original Mix)

    Terrence & Phillip - Desquamate (Original Mix)

    Hebris - Piscis (Original Mix)

    Shitomi - Reframe (Original Mix)

    Shitomi - Heavy Battle (Original Mix)

    STHS - Contradict (Original Mix)

    STHS - Locust (Original Mix)

    STHS - Mindset (Original Mix)

    Redirect - Hardline (Original Mix)

    Redirect - Unconcern (Original Mix)

    Snitch - Part of That Place (Original Mix)

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    Three Hour Mixture of Deep, Tech and Neuro Rollers.. !

    Massive shout to all the listeners..

    320 Kbps

    Mage - The Island (Original Mix)

    Mage - Signals (Original Mix)

    PostML - Avenues and Visitors (Original Mix)

    Dieppe - Snow (Original Mix)

    IDENTITY - With Me (Original Mix)

    Radical - Yeah, yeah (Original Mix)

    Actraiser - Love For You (Original Mix)

    Nelver - Know Me (Original Mix)

    Mellifera - High and Low (Original Mix)

    Controlless - Dark Paradise (Original Mix)

    Controlless - Ultra (Original Mix)

    Controlless & Turborat - T3chnophobe (Original Mix)

    Controlless - Future Funk (Original Mix)

    Java - Precipitation (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic - Forms (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic - Entropy (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic - Fastroad (Original Mix)

    Blame - Hindsight (Original Mix)

    Airstrike - Cut Inside (Original Mix)

    Advisory - Moving Deeper (Original Mix)

    Lm1, Freeboard - Wintertime (Original Mix)

    Actraiser - Electric Dreams (Original Mix)

    Lm1, Airstrike - Estus (Original Mix)

    Radicall - Quantum (LM1 Remix)

    CJ, B.N.A - Wake Up (Original Mix)

    Cj, B.N.A - Dark Side (Original Mix)

    Cj, B.N.A - To Blow Up (Original Mix)

    Method One - Bloodlines (Original Mix)

    Method One, Seba - Heavy Traffic (Original Mix)

    Airtek - To The Sky (Original Mix)

    P-Money - Everything Feat. Vince Harder (Blame Dub Mix)

    Seathasky - Clarity (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - Alcohol (Original Mix)

    LSB - Snap Funk (Original Mix)

    Villem, Mcleod - Saved You (Original Mix)

    John B - Lie To Me (Original Mix)

    LSB - Mist of You (Original Mix)

    Surplus, AudioSketch - Leave It All Behind (Villem & Mcleod Remix)

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    A Three Hour Journey Through Deep, Neuro and Tech Steppin’ Drum and Bass !

    Out to all the Artists and Labels for the free music..

    Aeromatic, DroneHead, Controlless, Euphonique, CELO and Tech Itch Recordings

    320 Kbps

    Leniz - Question My Love (Original Mix)

    MSDOS - Rocky The Balboa (Greekboy Remix)

    Artificial Intelligence - Nobody (Original Mix)

    Lm 1, Indigo Sync - The 591 (Original Mix)

    Larigold - Epic Ensemble (Original Mix)

    Blame - Hindsight (Original Mix)

    Bone - Second Chances (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic & DroneHead - Portal (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic & DroneHead - Tower In The Mist (Original Mix)

    Controlless - Telsa (Original Mix)

    Controlless - Abandoned Planet (Original Mix)

    DroneHead - Aeon (Original Mix)

    DroneHead - Hexyll (Original Mix)

    DroneHead - Eternum (Original Mix)

    Lameduza, Nelver - Echoing (Original Mix)

    Radicall - All Yours (Original Mix)

    Seathasky - Tell Me Why - (Silence Groove Remix)

    Blame, Ruff Sqwad - On My Own (Original Mix)

    Blame, JT Fitz - Hypnotised (Original Mix)

    Advisory, Scenic - Don’t Look Back (Original Mix)

    Ash:Ram - Really Mine (Original Mix)

    Walk:r, TEE:J - Something About You (Silence Groove Remix)

    Indidjinous, DJ E - Afterburned (Original Mix)

    Technical Itch - Reap The Future (Original Mix)

    Voyage - 2000AD (Original Mix)

    Shy FX, Lilly Allen, Stamina MC - Roll The Dice (Original Mix)

    Euphonique - Dem A Chat (Original Mix)

    DJ E - Simple Life (Original Mix)

    Brakken - Infinite Darkness (Original Mix)

    Brakken - Change (Original Mix)

    CELO - Warm Up (Original Mix)

    CELO - Energy (Original Mix)

    CELO - Tow 67 (Original Mix)

    Aquasion - Switched Out (Original Mix)

    Alix Perez - Myriads (Original Mix)

    Alix Perez, Do The Math - Onyx (Original Mix)

    Alix Perez - The Observer (Original Mix)

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    Three Hours of Deep Rolling and Tech Drum and Bass..!

    Massive shout to all those who locked in.. !

    320 Kbps

    F*ck Tha Intelligent - LowRIDERz, Shiny Radio (Nuvertal Remix)

    1 Step 2 Far - Deepest Ocean (Original Mix)

    1 Step 2 Far - Late (Original Mix)

    Lameduza, Nelver - Your Spell (Original Mix)

    Nelver - Save Yourself (Original Mix)

    Ash:Ram - Living Your Dream (Original Mix)

    Pola & Bryson - Call Of The Night (Silence Groove Remix)

    Underspawn - Underrunes (Original Mix)

    Underspawn - Droghead Feat. Doubter (Original Mix)

    Humanature - Here We Go (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic - Alien Force (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic - Shelter (Original Mix)

    Aeromatic - Synergy (Original Mix)

    1 Step 2 Far - The Future (Original Mix)

    1 Step 2 Far - Something (Original Mix)

    Greekboy - Crystals (Original Mix)

    Archeo - The Payback (Blame Remix))

    Sway - Level Up (Blame Remix)

    Raw Science - Rat Messiah (Original Mix)

    Doom Poets - Crematory (Original Mix)

    Biostacis - Cut (Original Mix)

    Terror Cell, Layer3 - The Firmament (Original Mix)

    Terror Cell, Code 906 - Photon (Original Mix)

    Silence Groove - Distanced (Original Mix)

    Advisory - Revival (Original Mix)

    Diplomat - Stepper (Original Mix)

    Bass Antics & Nino - Chains 2018 (Original Mix)

    Chris Vader & MC Kolapse - Disturb VIP (Original Mix)

    Controlless & Turborat - T3chnophobe (Original Mix)

    ScattyOne - Freedom (Original Mix)

    DJ Hybrid - Never Again (Original Mix)

    Anastasia - T99 (Original Mix)

    Lady Bee & Noise Cans - Bucka (ScattyOne Remix)

    1 Step 2 Far - Celestial (Original Mix)

    Simplification, Translate - Desire (Original Mix)

    Hamilton - In The Air (Original Mix)

    Hamilton - Echoes (Original Mix)

    Hamilton - Feel The Fury (Original Mix)

    Paul T, Edward Oberon - Into The Night (Original Mix)

    Roni Size - Brown Paper Back (SideSwipe Edit)

    Roni Size - Heroes (SideSwipe Edit)

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    Three Hours of Quality Drum and Bass..!

    Out to all those for the free music..

    CB, Conrad Subs, JayDee, Jabba, BIA, LANDR, Kola Nut, Rhythmic Soulz And Default Recordings

    CB & HD - White Sounds (Original Mix)

    CB - Flashes (Original Mix)

    Hybrid Minds - Touch Feat. Tiffani Juno (Original Mix)

    Soultec, A.K.A - Learn To Let Go (Original Mix)

    Soultec, A.K.A - P Funk (Original Mix)

    Makoto - Flow (Original Mix)

    Charli Brix, Walk:r - All I Need (Ash:Ram Remix)

    GLXY - Asbo (Original Mix)

    Conrad Subs - No Escape (Original Mix)

    Conrad Subs - Rip Up The Sound (Original Mix)

    Zigril - Dance of The Shadows (Original Mix)

    Apex - By The Way (Original Mix)

    Apex - String Theory (Original Mix)

    T>I - Dye Migration (Original Mix)

    Serum, T>I - Swington (Original Mix)

    JayDee - Trapped In The Dark (Original Mix)

    JayDee - Control The Night (The Badass Remix 2018)

    Fugees - Fu-gee-la (AC13 Bootleg)

    Apex - Same Old Blues (Original Mix)

    Apex - Nowhere To Run (Original Mix)

    Shimon, Trimer - Killers (Original Mix)

    Sub Killaz, Bou - Pressure (Original Mix)

    LANDR - Sonic Rain (Original Mix)

    Kola Nut - Welcome (Original Mix)

    DJ Die - Reincarnated (Original Mix)

    MSymiakos - Guru Meditation (X Nation Remix)

    MC Spyda & DJ Fresh - Tatantula (AKOV Bootleg Remix)

    Jabba - Filthy Criminal (Original Mix)

    Halsey - Without Me (BIA bootleg)

    Apex - The Yearning (Original Mix)

    Blame, Selah - Because of You (Original Mix)

    Blame - Set Me Free Feat. Jocelyn Brown (Original Mix)

    Calibre - Taciturn (Original Mix)

    Pulsaar, Flowrian - Funk Brothers (Original Mix)

    Rhythmic Soulz - Ohh iii VIP (Original Mix)

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    Three Hours of Deep and Rolling Drum and Bass..!

    Out to Geety and Sojo Soul for this weeks free music

    Solo Soul have a vinyl and digital release out here —> https://www.sojosoul.com

    Sojo Soul - Platform (Original Mix)

    Sojo Soul - Out In The Big (Original Mix)

    Geety - Burning (Original Mix)

    Geety - True Love (Remix)

    Machete, Battery - Submerge (Original Mix)

    Soultec, A.K.A - Capture Your Mind (Original Mix)

    Alexvnder, Ash:Ram - Too long Feat. Cluda (Original Mix)

    Sojo Soul - Equal (Original Mix)

    Sojo Soul - When I Breath (Original Mix)

    Alexvnder - Tell Me How You Like It (Original Mix)

    Dexcell - Speechless Feat. Charli Brix (Original Mix)

    Sojo Soul - You Are Beautiful (Original Mix)

    Sojo Soul - Open Spaces (Original Mix)

    Alexvnder - Continuity (Original Mix)

    Alexvnder - Should I Confess (Original Mix)

    Constellations - Fred V & Grafix (Forza Horizon VIP)

    Makoto - Wading Through The Crowds Feat. Karina Ramage (Original Mix)

    Sojo Soul - Everything 7 (Original Mix)

    Solo Soul - Flextion (Original Mix)

    Bombfunk MC’s - Freestyler - (Teknian & ZeroZero Feat. JFB remix)

    M.I.S.T - Outerspace (Original Mix)

    Andy C, Shimon - Recharge (Benny L Remix)

    Pola & Bryson - Devil (Benny L Remix)

    Spirt, Digital - Revolution (Original Mix)

    Spirit, Digital - Square One (Original Mix)

    Spirt, Digital - Small World (Original Mix)

    Ed Rush, Optical - Kerbcrawler (Original Mix)

    Ed Rush, Optical - Pacman (Upbeats Remix)

    Dredpill - LJ High (Original Mix)

    LJ High - Bubblegum (Original Mix)

    DJ Die - Drop Bear (Remaster)

    MSDOS, Steez - Deep Soul (Soultec Remix)

    Metrik - Chasing Sunrise Feat. Elisabeth Troy (Original Mix)

    S.P.Y, Etherwood - Because of You (Original Mix)

    Dimension - Whip Slap II(Patient Edit II)

    Uncertainty - Muted Hue (Original Mix)

    Satl - Follow Me (Original Mix)

    Submorphics - Ruby Falls (Original Mix)

    Post Malone - Psycho (Oakwite Bootleg)

    Lups Digga - Second Youth (Original Mix)

    In-Deed - Cravings (Original Mix)

    Breakbeat Scientist - Time To Play (Absract Illusion Remix)

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    A Three Hour Journey Through The World of Drum and Bass.. !

    Out to all the producers for the great free music..

    Sulex, Holly, Zoro, Niterider, Visuals, Klinical, Hadley, Terrence and Phillip, KT Kinga, Zen Dub & Karas, Unsub, n0isemakeR, Plush Recordings and RuK

    Cccuutt - Unknown (Original Mix)

    Sulex & Nine Yards - Simple Tactics (Original Mix)

    Sulex & Holly - Californium (Original Mix)

    Sulex & Holly - Funneltunnel (Original Mix)

    Sulex & Holly - Babarong (Original Mix)

    Tephra & Arkoze - Suddenly Feat. Charli Brix (Original Mix)

    Grimm, Hybrid Minds - Never Change (GLXY Remix)

    Alexvnder - Love Hurt (Original Mix)

    Alexvnder - Ascension (Original Mix)

    Zoro - No Tricks (Original Mix)

    Niterider & Visuals - Big Ben (Original Mix)

    Cold Heart - Unknown (Original Mix)

    Klinical - Waiting (Original Mix)

    High Contrast - Mr. Majestic (Original Mix)

    High Contrast - If We Ever Feat. Diane Charlemagne (VIP Mix)

    Sub Focus - Special Place (Original Mix)

    Sub Focus - Close (Ivy Lab Remix)

    Legion, Logam, Adam Wright - House of Cards (Original Mix)

    Sub Focus - Druggy (Original Mix)

    Zoro - Donít Run (Original Mix)

    Hadley - Talking (Original Mix)

    Sulex - Vigintillion (Original Mix)

    Wilkinson, Talay Riley - Dirty Love (Original Mix)

    High Contrast - Wish You Were Here (Original Mix)

    High Contrast - Twilights Last Gleaming (Original Mix)

    Total Science - Lightweight (Original Mix)

    Vulture - Unkown (Original Mix)

    Fourward & Mefjus - Every-time (Sulex Remix)

    Terrence & Phillip - 1950ís Wob (Original Mix)

    Sulex - Hideous Highs (Original Mix)

    Sulex - Close Traffic (Original Mix)

    KT Kinga - New Paradigm (Original Mix)

    Zoro & Addicted - Horror Show Style (Bootleg)

    Nuvaman & Dakota Sixx - Innocence (Zen Dub & Karas Remix)

    RuK - Wreck (Original Mix)

    RuK - Never Come Down (Original Mix)

    Ben n Paul - Set Sail (Original Mix)

    Ben n Paul - Another Kids Story (Original Mix)

    Lutan Fyah, Ted Ganung - Real Rastaman (Re-Load Remix)

    Paul SG - Holy Moly (Original Mix)

    Surreal, Radicall, Humanature - Soul Train (Original Mix)

    Airstrike - Unsub, n0isemakeR (Original Mix)

    Jaybee - Wassup Now (Original Mix)

    LJ High - Famous Like Bieber (Original Mix)

    Scott Allen, Greekboy - Hotter In Dub (Original Mix)

    Unsub, n0isemakeR - Eve (Original Mix)

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