dj battle on thursday night 12th of november 09
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    Default dj battle on thursday night 12th of november 09

    i have a dj battle on thursday in Birmingham, U.k
    its a jungle vs dubstep night which is like an open decks qualifiers then its 16 people in the finales
    i play dubstep i have been djing for about 3 years and fully digital for about a yeah and a half now, i will be running my mac book pro 13' vci with the djtt overlay and a numark dj io, which i have been using for about a year and a half in clubs large and small and pubs just thought i would share it with you so you know that people are doing things outside the forum

    so yeah wish me luck and i will let you know how i get on

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    well i think i will be the only person on a midi controller but i could be wrong
    i played a gig on saturday night and only one out out the five people on the bill played on wax

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    sounds good man, wish i lived closer, im up in chester tho

    ps - you should spell check your flyer hehe

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    i before e except after c! :P

    but good luck brother, rep the step. i've got a similar kind of comp. coming up where the winner gets to open up for rusko (meh, but huge crowd) in dec. / /
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    i have played a night with rusko and benga before, always a fun gig so, good luck hipnotikk.

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    Part of me wants a DJTT member to win
    and part of me wants drum and bass to win >=D

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    Good luck brudda, I wish dubstep and drum & bass were popular enough where I live so that I could go to some events like that.

    Have fun dude.

    (By the way, I recently figured out that Dubstep > DnB :eek

    Quote Originally Posted by djhipnotikk View Post
    i before e except after c! :P

    but good luck brother, rep the step. i've got a similar kind of comp. coming up where the winner gets to open up for rusko (meh, but huge crowd) in dec.
    Wowwwww thats actually pretty cool. Rusko isn't my favorite producer, but opening for him would be tight.
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    Here in the brooklyn NY area DnB and DubStep are hugely popular, unfortunately a controllerist would never win a comp since its considered cheating...which I find hilarious since alot of these guys use serato. I was supposed to do a hardstyle battle against a rather well known Hardstyler (Teddy Glow) and he saw my Herc/NanoPad/Kontrol setup and gave me quite the smug look, pointed at the BPM readout on my screen and rolled his eyes. Im dealing with alot of prejudice against controllerists, partly since Im the only one in the NY rave scene. I take great pride in all the work Ive done and I sure as hell hope you kick the crap out of those vinyl loving assholes!!! (sorry for the rant)
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    in singapore its the same thing controllerists like myself would find it hard having a spot in gigs. its still considered an easy way into djing thus the term 'microwave dj' heh. its all about cdjs and tts over here but its alright. ill just do what i do. prove you can do it with controllers make mixes and let people hear them. and do things which cant be done on tts or cdjs. and bring it to another level in digital djing. i love what i do and will keep doing so.
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