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    Hey guys I have been browsing a few of the threads and have found that the price of components is putting allot of would be modders out of the game, so how about this for an idea.

    Anyone on this forum that has access to components for wholesale prices, usually someone that works in the electronics industry, put your details on here and people could message you about hooking up some cheap components, I'm keen to help anyone out but I do live in New Zealand but in saying that a small airmail package of components wouldn't cost piss all to post.

    I read alot about people thinking Pots are expensive well with wholesale prices I got my pots with nice rubber knobs for $2.50 NZD each set and that was with a small order the more I buy the cheaper they become. So if anyone needs some components, or can supply components post away.

    Also anyone that can etch boards etc this would be a great way to help out the DJTT community which so far has been one of the most helpful and friendly forums I have come accross.

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    Slightly off topic, but.....

    I emailed the guy and he said it was the full retail version. I will let you know if it turns out to be as he says. I bought one for 45 notes.

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    I know exactly what you mean... I for one have been turned off by the price of components. I'd love to build a midifighter esque device, but I just cant bring myself to do it when I could go buy an lpd8 or something similar for the same price.

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    Both Mouser & Digikey offer very good prices on single items, and very rapidly scale to volume pricing if you buy a few more.

    Our problem is that we are isolated, and the shipping will always be at least 30 USD.

    BC what I could recomend for you and others in NZ is to get in touch with Active Components NZ, they are the NZ Mouser Reps and do weekly combined shipping orders from mouser, so you get the great prices, wait a few days longer, and only have to pay local shipping rates.

    Farnell & RS are crap, Soanar Plus online (Oz - The Parent company of jaycar) can be good for some things but not great for others.

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