Technics 1210 mk2 pitch fader issue
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    Question Technics 1210 mk2 pitch fader issue

    Hello folks

    Tech question on an erratic pitch fader of my Technics 1210 mk2. I have one zero point where it should be. However, if I pull the pitchfader to the + side, instead of speeding up, the platter actually slows down before reaching a second zero point. After that, there is a point where the platter suddenly speeds up way too much and from there on, everything is quite normal. This only happens on the + side of the fader. Should I even bother with calibration or buy a new fader straight away? I'd need to buy equipment for either repair strategy, that's why I am asking before trying. Thanks for your help.


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    It's a straight forward calibration issue. You need to get to the back of your fader and tweak the pot until zero is where it should. Then tweak the range pot under the platter to get your range spot on. There are plenty of videos on youtube.
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    East fix. Plenty of info on web
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