Places of realms.
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    Default Places of realms.

    I was experimenting with stuff that I had till I found what suits me well at a budged

    The first mixer I had was reloop terminal mix 4 as I though it was going to work well for my needs, which later on changed a lot and so forth the mixers. Unfortunately I could not find a picture of it in action. I sold it to one of DJTT forum members.

    I was thinking a lot about sample triggering and I got my self Traktor Z2 from DJTT store and x1 from ebay. X1 was stated as used but it looked like new. I made an offer and the seller accepted it because he needed money for medication as he stated... Mackies speakers did not last for long and I had a replacement twice!

    Attachment 25220

    Then came the denon beast x1600, which I have sold unfortunately. But it was great to play with it. I also had small akai keyboard and M-Audio BX8 monitors (present). Below is the only picture I have got of it. We did some recordings that day and we had to be creative with a microphone stand

    Attachment 25221

    This is my current setup: BX8 monitors, HD 25-1 II headphones, x1, z1, m audio oxygen 49, ableton suite, takamine electric guitar and an old classic guitar seen in the upper image with a cheapest amplifier in the world.

    Attachment 25222
    Attachment 25223
    Attachment 25224

    My wish list is a x1 mk2 and a launch pad or even bettter, ableton push. I got no idea where is this going to go.

    ps. The furniture ir bounded to the place im renting now and i wish for different stuff
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