how to get into a label?
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    Default how to get into a label?

    yeah, probably the question most producers are asking themselves.

    at the moment i'm totally sending out my stuff to every blog i know and also post it on forums (here and @ erol alkan) to send out the mp3 to people who will hopefully play it.

    but how to get THAT release on a label? i wrote with lanceblaise (on this forum) about this topic, but i want to hear some other opinions.


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    My advice is to identify the potential labels that sound like your music. You may search in all the digital music stores, no only in beatport as not all the lables are there. Try to get with lablels that are starting out as you are, looking for new artists. It is extremely hard to get to be in a big label directly, you need to release your tracks in many small ones first.

    Get to their myspace or homepage in order to see their demo policy, and respect it becuase if not you will waist your time. Send your demos as requested and add some personal bio describing your music influences, who you admire, labels you like ... etc.. then just hope for the best

    Also keep your myspace updated with your music and use soundcloud. Try to post your music on groups that correspond to your music style (there are almost many lables as producers lol so there are lots of people starting out trying to grab new artists). There are also few soundclound groups just for spotting new artists and for unreleased tracks.

    Those are some ideas that worked for me

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    find a label that is very similar to the type of stuff you are putting out. send it to them.
    find if any of your friends are or know A&R people, send it to them...
    dont be too hasty to post music online for free if you are looking to sign it. that can be a serious put off.

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    I know a couple of guys here in the UK friends of friends from back when I used to DJ who run labels, both pretty new in that respect but I am probably going down that route when i finally finish the ep I am working on, as for myspace if people add me on soundcloud i go check out their music if i like it and it corresponds with my tastes i add them for the networking side..

    also on soundcloud there are a few groups looking for people to put up tracks which are not with a record label and they will try to help out, one called LDN for the UK is run by Colin John who also remixes tracks he is on myspace too, and another called Submit Your Tracks, I have also friended with 3-4 other record companies so far in the first week of myspace it's definately good for that

    finding that myspace with soundcloud having my tracks and mixes on that page and any link i put up on a website directed to it helps get stuff listening to, definately try that route.

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