For someone just starting out, would you recommend CDJ350's or CDJ1000mk3's?
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    Question For someone just starting out, would you recommend CDJ350's or CDJ1000mk3's?

    I feel kind of awkward making one of these kinds of posts, especially since the Internet is already littered with them. Alas, this isn't my area of expertise (yet), so I'm hoping to take some advice from those of you who have already toyed with this equipment.

    Long story short: I'm looking to move beyond toying with a laptop once or twice a year and actually getting some real gear. I got a Mixtrack Pro a couple of years back, but it didn't work properly out of the box. Lesson learned: you get what you pay for. Thus, the answer is Pioneer, but I'm not quite sure which model to go for.

    • Newer tech
    • Compatible with Rekordbox
    • USB compatible
    • Beatgrid display
    • Midi/HID compatible

    • Smaller jogwheel
    • Slightly more expensive
    • Lacking playback features such as hot cues, reverse function, etc.

    • Standard club equipment
    • Full size jogwheel
    • Hotcues
    • Reverse effect
    • Adjustable jogwheel tension
    • Slightly cheaper (from what I've seen) than the CDJ350

    • Older technology
    • No USB input (forced to use CD's only)
    • No true Midi/HID control

    So there's my dilemma. New tech with better computer/USB compatibility, vs older tech with more standard features.

    My budget is around $400-500, which isn't a huge amount. However, I'd rather practice on cheaper gear and see if I'm really invested in this, rather than go all out and find that it's really not my thing. Right now I'm seeing 1000mk3's for $250 apiece, and 350's for $300 apiece, and for that reason I'm leaning towards the 1000mk3's.

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    Hey Dude
    Its your lucky Day!!
    Theres an article on DJtechtools that would Help you alot

    Personally I do own a Mixtrack Pro 2 and I have been using it with Traktor since 2011.
    I never had Traktor Crash nor any problems with the Controller itself
    It has truelly been of great service to me and will continue to be for the next 4 years

    Theres nothing wrong with getting CDJs (Thats if you can afford them!)
    I have used CDJ350 on quite a few occations
    It is not just a 'Begginer' CDJ like people may claim it to be
    It really is awesome and is a dream to use and feels very professional
    Alot of small Bars and Clubs do have them as standard equipment

    You could even consider CDJ400 which are just a funky version of the 350 but feel very much the same to use
    I have used the CDJ800 and 850 which wer also very nice
    It will be awesome to get the 1000mk3 but the no USB is a bit of a downer, but you prob can burn mp3 cds

    I would go for the 350s if they are new, because unlike a controller u will still have to maintain and service your CDJS in future
    I know for sure that the 1000s will be more expensive to maintain than the 350
    Just dont get 200s, They Crap! lol


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    I'd go with the 350's. Burning CD's really is a mess and being able to just create playlists with associated tracks is so much more efficient.

    If you're using timecode maybe the 1000's would be better but in this case I'd pick the 350's.
    The only thing I really miss on them are the memory point you set in Rekordbox. Not that much of an issue but damn handy if you need to mix rather quickly.

    Just my 2 cents of course.

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    Go with the 350's, Rekordbox and you are set to play in pretty much any club or event by just bringing a couple of USB sticks.

    There's really no point in going "old school" unless its turntables. Hell the way things are headed, the next iteration of a Club CDJ's probably won't even have a slot.

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    True dat
    350s da way to go!

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    The 350's have more appeal to me. YMMV.

    If you are really trying to decide, buy one of each and experiment with them. When you figure out what you need/want in a deck...sell one and get a pair of what you want. Long term you'll pay $50-100 more to do this approach, but it will remove any doubt you have about the direction you choose.
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    I picked up a complete setup of Cdj350/djm350 honestly I really enjoyed them for the little bit I had used them... Their feel is very nice and not cheap feeling... I'd get them if your dead set on a cdj setup... A good alternative would be an xdj-rx I ordered one and have yet to see it show up so either the half wits where I ordered never placed the order or it's just really on that long of a back order I don't k ow

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    Rekordbox is hands down the next level of CDJ evolution and puts the newer stuff at an equal level of any DVS.

    I personally do not like the CDJ-350's however - but I've become accustomed to using CDJ-900 Nexus or CDJ-2000 or CDJ-2000 Nexus. It's a big change from those.

    Honestly - best bang for your buck - would be finding a set of CDJ-400's until you can save up enough to go for the XDJ-1000, CDJ-900 Nexus, CDJ-2000 Nexus, or XDJ-RX.

    That's my thought on it. I don't like how the CDJ-350's feel and operate - and CDJ-1000's are old technology.
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    I was in the same boat as you years ago. I went with the 350s. They're a lot smaller which was a concern for my room and the rekordbox capability was great to have. Though the 1000s feel more like pro equipment. They're great to start out on.

    If you plan to use a laptop and timecode. The 1000s might be the better bet.

    I've personally never dj'd with burned cds though. Its been either usb or timecode/vinyl.

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    i personally would choose the 1000's

    I play a lot of tech house & techno, w/ long blended mixes

    the smallest pitch adjustment setting on the 350 is .05% that's a deal breaker for me
    I need to have the .02% option to get the long mixes to stay on beat w/out having to touch the platters

    hell I wish there was a .01% setting to get it even tighter.

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