Gemini CDJ-700 Question
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    Default Gemini CDJ-700 Question

    Does anyone familiar with the CDJ-700 know if there is a way for continuous CD playback i.e. play one track after another rather than it stopping at the end of a track and cueing up to the following and waiting for a hit of the play/pause button? Thanks in advance!

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    Maybe there's a setting on the CDJ?

    Side question, I've been looking to get a cheap set of CDJ's for home use. What do you think of the 700's?

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    There's a pretty good review on these at DJ Worx, check it out.
    Also, compare it with Numark NDX500 (can act like a HID single deck controller for SeratoDJ) and maybe Denon SC2900 (most expensive, MIDI with Traktor Pro)
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    I had the same question for my 900Nexus' maybe a similar thing. If there is an AUTOCUE feature, turn it off. And then if there is a played, choose continuous. Maybe?

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    Arrow Gemini CDJ-700

    The unit does an Auto Cue function enabled automatically.....Turn this function off to play tracks continuously...
    The CDJ-700 are solid CDJ's to get going on if your have a low budget...
    I have tested them in many different scenarios.....Bedroom/Home and Live...MIDI/USB...CD...TRAKTOR and VDJ with zero issues...
    Be on the look out for the MDJ-1000's ..... Percise vinyl jog control with LINK feature up to 4 decks....

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