NI audio 8 sound crackling windows
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    Default NI audio 8 sound crackling windows

    I have given my old audio 8 to my stepdad so he can do karaoke at his pub. He is not the most technically savvy person at all. So I decided to use karafun karaoke player and itunes. both of these open up half screen and go out to a separate channel on the mixer. A DJM 707 so just 2 channel left for the karaoke right for itunes. this makes it nice and simple for him. its all in a box all setup he just has to plug in the speakers.

    All works well to start with then after about 10 karaoke songs the sound starts to crackle until the program is restarted. If i stop and start the music in itunes it does the same thing after a while. So this suggested to me it is something to do with how windows is communicating with the sound card on starting and stopping audio feeds.

    The first time he did the karaoke it worked all night no problem. It has done this every night since tho with no changes to the software on the laptop. Has anybody got any suggestions or come across this before

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    Please post:

    Specs of the Laptop CPU/RAM/Hard Disk etc ..
    What software / browsers / Antivirus etc .. are running in the background
    Is wi-fi and bluetooth disabled or enabled ?
    What version of Windows
    What Drivers / firmware are being used on the Audio 8
    Does the same thing happen with only one Audio Application open ?

    From the sounds of it something might be chewing up Ram or CPU in the background, latency is set too low, or bitrate set too high.

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