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    Default OWOW midi instruments - Ask us anything

    Hi DJTT,

    A couple of days ago we released our 5 new midi-instruments on Kickstarter, you might have seen the release article here on DJTT. If you havent; here's a link to the
    - Article
    and our
    - Kickstarter

    We're super proud of the products & the endless possibilities with the range of instruments, and are very curious as of how you guys see the instruments in-use. Wether it's for studio production or incorporated in your live set. As always with releasing new instruments into the world, there are a lot of questions about the products, the specs, price, materials, compatibility etc.etc.

    So we're here to answer any questions you guys have about the project, bring it on!



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    first your controllers looks awesome! I love the idea of tiny and modular setups. So creative, so flexible, so fun! I´m an electronics engineer and of course I want to know if any of the controllers have any support of adding your own buttons, sensors, etc. the boards? Any unused in- or output ports so you can modify it yourself (since your´re selling bare PCBAs)?

    Just wondering

    Good luck with the kickstarter, looking forward to try these out.

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    They look like pretty cool pieces of gear. I only wish they were a little cheaper. 100+ dollars for one smaller controller is quite a bit.

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