Getting Remix Decks to Sync to Halved Beatgrids?
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    Default Getting Remix Decks to Sync to Halved Beatgrids?

    Title sucks, but I'm not sure exactly what I would call it. I'm creating a remix set specifically for hip-hop and trap in the 70bpm range. The thing is, some of my library is gridded at +/-140, and some of it at +/-70. I'm trying to get the loops to be able to sync up correctly whether it's at 70 or 140.

    Is there a way to do this, or should I just grid my library at either all 70 or all 140?
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    You could duplicate the remix set, one with all samples gridded at the high tempo range around 140, and the other with all samples at half the bpm. Then load whichever one you want depending on the master tempo.

    Otherwise, just pick the tempo you that you play at the most. If you're also playing electro, dubstep, etc. it may be best to keep your samples and tracks gridded around 140.

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