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    Hello so I have a cdj 400 and I want to change my mixer it's really bad I don't even know the brand. So I have been doing 4 gigs this year with my mixer and I am tired to put music on the cd. Should I change to go on cumputer or no if yes why or if no why ? And I am looking for a new mixer that can be use on computer with the cdj 400

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    You should try to be a bit more clear.

    First, you state you want to change your mixer, but then you go on about the Pioneer CDJ-400's.
    I think you may want to look at an all-in-one controller?

    However, you should note that you can use your CDJ-400's with Traktor rather easily. That way you can use your existing setup and make use of your computer (thus not having to burn CD's).

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    You would have to get something that's Traktor/Serato certified.. I would suggest looking at the programs and seeing which one you would find more appealing, and go from there.

    You should post a picture of the mixer you have as well lol

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    here is my mixer i want to change it to a mixer that can work on traktor or serrato and with effects.

    i don't know how to put the cdj 400 on traktor ? is it the cdj that i should plug in the computer or the mixer ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwal View Post
    You would have to get something that's Traktor/Serato certified
    Am i correct in thinking the cdj400's can be used as a controller for Traktor? Would just need to aggregate the audio interfaces.

    If you looking at software then I agree with butskristof, a controller might be the way to go. I would recommend getting one that can function as a standalone mixer.

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