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    Default Need help: Question about cdj

    OK so here is what is going on: I burned some cd's for dj'ing and I didn't have a marker handy so i cut little pieces of paper up, labeled them, and used standard clear office tape to tape them to the cds. I clearly was not thinking properly because when I ejected them out of both of my Pioneer 1000 MK1's they were gone so there are little pieces of paper with scotch tape over them stuck in both my cdj's. They are playing just fine but my concern is heat after prolonged use possibly melting the tape or maybe even catching fire to the paper damaging my babies. Am I at any risk here? What do you guys think I should do?

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    Take them to the service to remove your diy labels from the inside. You may not have problems at home but if you take them to a gig the loose labels inside can stick somewhere undesired (laser etc) during transport. Not worth waiting.
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