Building a flight case for my large odd sized setup...N
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    Default Building a flight case for my large odd sized setup...N

    So i want to build a flight case for my Xone 4D with 1Ds. I'm not aware of any flight cases that are the right size for this, if anyone knows of one please et me know since it would save me a lot of money and time.

    How difficult is it to build a flight case from scratch? I want it to look like a professional case with the aluminum edges, corners, hinges, clasps, etc. Is it worth trying to build or should I just get a company to custom build one to size?

    Either way I will be modding external USB, RCA, headphone, XLR, and AC power jacks so everything hooks up nice and easily without taking it out of the case...

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    well, what on earth are you doing that you need a 4D and 1Ds (how many 1Ds)?? anyways...
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