Here's my latest trance mix. It's mostly 130-132 BPM trance with some vocal and energetic tracks.


Hope you guys enjoy it!

It's got timestamped track listings.

1.All Over The World (Club Mix)byAbove & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas
2.Tesseract (Original Mix)byilan Bluestone
3.Muto (Original Mix)byGenix
4.Intera (Orbion Remix)byOldfix
5.Calm Before the Storm (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)byRonski Speed feat. Lucy Saunders
6.Lighthouse (Club Mix)byilan Bluestone
7.FireballbyArisen Flame
8.OlympusbyAlexander Popov
9.The LegendbyKlubbingman & Andy Jay Powell
10.Lifetime Change (Club Mix)byDenis Kenzo & Alexandra Badoi
11.43 (Original MIx)byilan Bluestone
12.Triton (Hristian Hristov Remix)byAlmer
13.Era (Original Mix)byChris Schweizer
14.Huracan (Original Mix)byGareth Emery
15.Wanted (Original Mix)byRichard Durand
16.Cybernation (Original Mix)byKaradjov
17.Patience (Club Mix)bySuper8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson
18.Out of Control (Dirkie Coetzee Remix)byMino Safy
19.Vendetta (Original Mix)byMark Sixma
20.It's In Your Heart feat. CHRISTON (Club Mix)byDavid Gravell & CHRISTON
21.Line Of Light (Aimoon Remix)by2trancY
22.Pacific (Original Mix)byDriftmoon & Taival
23.Carnation (Original Mix)byGaia
24.Impulse (Omnia Remix)byAndrew Rayel
25.Exodus (Original Mix)byHusman