[Minimal] Melancholy, Minimalistic Tech-House and Techno
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    Default Melancholy, Minimalistic Tech-House and Techno

    Includes tracks from the likes of Joel Alter, Masomenos, Avatism, and Audio Werner.

    Hadn't mixed in a while so some transitions felt kinda wobbly. A couple of key clashes here, some mismatched levels there.

    I like the vibe though. Maybe I'll listen to it in the bath or while cleaning the kitchen. It's mostly spaced-out and sad but has some crunchy moments.

    Edit: The link broke, and then I realised that the intro is too good for the rest of the mix, so I want to use that sample on something else.

    Edit II: Okay, screw it. Here is the mix, if anyone is interested. Just cos I don't want to pollute this subforum with broken links.
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