Need Help with Sound issues on my set up to Broadcast live mixes
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    Default Need Help with Sound issues on my set up to Broadcast live mixes

    Hello All,

    I finally landed a slot to DJ at a radio station but now Im having issues with my sound going into a broadcast or livestream. When I play and mix here at home my set up has no issues. I get great sound out of my speakers and everything works the way it supposed to. My problem is that when I use DVS on either Serato or Traktor and I get plugged in into the softwares to broadcast radio or to Live stream. The sound that the software picks up from the audio interface of the mixers goes out muffled and when using timecode the Hum noise of the timecode also goes out. All my cables are connected properly. This only happens when I use a 3rd party software to detect my audio device. it picks up the sound form either mixer I use but when you listen to my broadcast or live stream the sound is horrible and mixed with the high pitched noise tone from the timecode.

    I used DJM 850 or Traktor Z2. the issue is the same with either mixer and both are brand new.
    I also have the Pioneer PLX1000 turntables. also brand new.
    For radio I use NiceCast and to live stream Twitch (OBS). If I only plug my set up to speakers here at home there is no issues at all. the problem is when I try to use the audio interface of either mixer and run it thru the 3rd party software that supposed to broadcast or stream the sound that comes out of the mixers.
    My guess is that is either the Macbook pro or the turntables. Any help or knowledge will be very appreciated!
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    Default Same problem!

    Did someone find a solution for it? I have the exact same problem! I need your help! ;-)

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    Default Solution?

    Did someone find a solution?

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    i use EBTech HUm X Eliminator for things such as you describe.

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