I have a gig coming up this weekend, and the players the venue has are Numark NDX400 CDJs.

Anyone played on these? What can I expect?
I am intending to use USB sticks... I've read that they can only read mp3s, and not WAVs!
This is a bit annoying for me, but I'll convert my WAVs into 320s for this gig.
What I would like to know, that I can't find online, is do these players have a maximum size USB stick they will take? I have 2 x 16gb USB sticks I was going to use (1 in each player). I won't fill the sticks, not even close, but will have about 100 songs on each.
What is the loading time like for each song, and how is the pitch slider on these things?

I will probably burn some CDs for backup in case I have trouble with USB. I've never enjoyed using timecode so don't want to go down that route.

The venue also has TTs, so I may take a bag of vinyl with me as well, but would like to avoid that if possible due to the bulkiness.

Many thanks for any insight any of you can give me into these players!