[Minimal] Lucid Nights Volume 2 Minimal/Deep House/Prog
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    Default Lucid Nights Volume 2 Minimal/Deep House/Prog

    This is the second volume of my monthly radio show broadcast the second sunday of every @
    Underground Sounds
    I am not sure really where this should be classified as a Genre or Sub Genre its more mellow/deep melodic sounding
    1- The Four Twenties - M.A.T.H. (deepGC Remix)
    2- Marc DePulse - Imagine (Original Mix)
    3- Eddie Fowlkes - That's What I Think About (Culoe De Song Remix)
    4- Joris Voorn - The Wild (Yagya Stripped Remix)
    5- Mashti & Jean von Baden - Man Of Trouble (Djuma Soundsystem remix)
    6- BOg - Grey (Original Mix)
    7- Animal Trainer - Maunder EP (Dario D`Attis Remix)
    8- Che Armstrong & Chris Johnson - In The Void (Erdi Irmak Remix)
    9- Carlos Guerrero - Sleepless (Original Mix)
    10- Roisin Murphy - Exploitation (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
    11- Andre Sobota - Signal (Mohn NL Remix)
    12- Mario Piu - The Code (Original Mix)
    13- Above & Beyond ft. Zoe Johnston - Peace Of Mind (Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Farizza Remix)
    14- Marco De Luca, Diana Lynn - Together Forever (The-Wolfs Twilight Hours Mix)
    15- SHFT - Retard (Original Mix)
    16- The Peacemaker Project - Es zu malen fehlen die Farben (No Vocal Edit)
    17- Anthony Attalla - Sur (Clean) (Extended)
    18- Chaim - Underwater (Original Mix)
    19- Jean-Michel Jarre & M83 - Glory (Steve Angello Remix)
    20- Mike Tohr - No More Butterflies (Gab Rhome They Always Come Back Remix)
    21- Casual Affair - Orenda (Original Mix)
    22- Alle Farben - She Moves (Far Away) (Lexer Remix)
    23- Gaudier - Neverland (Original Mix)
    24- Nora En Pure - Come With Me (Original Mix)

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    I would say this is closer to progressive house than to minimal. Just because most of the tracks thus far (I'm 22 minutes in) have had long melodic basslines.

    I wouldn't usually listen to this style of music, but I'm quite enjoying this mix.

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    Yup i know I've always considered it progressive but lately I've been hearing a large amount of people referring to my track selections as minimal techno and minimal so I am not really sure I always called it prog personally as the mixing style is intended from prog and the tracks in my mind are prog.... Glad your enjoying it hope the track selection all for to make a nice journey any particular tracks that stuck out as being. Top notch or any that stuck out as more of just fillers would be helpful.... I'm really trying to fine tune my selection processes

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    Hey Devil - For me personally (Being mainly a youtuber/not Fluent with Soundcloud) I think the first song in a mix is the most important one. If you don't have an opening song that's at least somewhat interesting then, people aren't going to listen very long. This mainly applies on the internet though, I think. If you're already paid to get into a club/event somewhere, you're not going to leave just because the music starts slow.

    I mostly just skipped around your set and it seems like you built the energy a little as it went along which is good. And I love that you ended the mix with some groovy piano loops.

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    Yeah it's a radio show so it's kind of. Shot in dark can start off nice but when building could get over looked it's. Hard sell can't go all power Atleast for 2 hours

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    Was sound feedback appreciate it. I've been out of the loop on Internet radio shows for close to 6 years and lots has changed so feedback helps

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