Numark 4trak/TP2 not working
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    Default Numark 4trak/TP2 not working


    I just got a new laptop, and have been trying to install TP2 with my Numark 4trak for about 2 weeks now with variying degrees of failure.

    these are the specs:

    windows 8.1

    intel celeron cpu n2940 1.83 ghz

    4 gigs of ram

    64 bit OS

    I have uninstalled/re-installed both Traktor and the 4trak more times than i can count, and it's now to the point that Traktor doesnt even recognize the controller. I've gone thru and verified that the laptop sees the controller, and it does, but still no response in Traktor. Sometimes, it will see it, but moving one thing one controller will cause something else in the program to move (moving the crossfader will change the pitch...). SOmetimes, the basic lights on the controller wont light up. And now, when I try to reistall the Traktor, the program gets stuck on "not responding". I tried installing the new 8.1 drivers NUmark provided for the 4trak, but that hasnt worked either.

    I have contacted Numark, and the rep was supposed to call/email me back, but hasnt to this point (almost a week later..havent had time to call them back)

    If anyone has any idea of what the problem could be...what i could do to correct this..i would be eternally grateful.

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    A very very common complaint is that a controller / program doesn't react the way the user expects. Problem with Traktor is that it requires a midi mapping file for that particular controller, that allows connection, transmission to/from the controller. And it's very very easy to get what I refer to 'cross contamination control' when multiple controllers are in use, and settings are not correct. Have you ran a setup for the exact controller you have? What version of TP2?
    Contacting Numark is probably the right course of action, hopefully they can sort ya out with the appropriate mapping file.
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