Some DVS Traktor Scratch Help Needed
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    Default Some DVS Traktor Scratch Help Needed

    Hey guys,

    I usually play on CDJS but have invested in some 1210s (about time!). I'll be playing vinyl obviously, but wanted to play all my other music too, so the DVS route was inevitable.

    Not being massively used to Traktor and never having played on a DVS system before I have a few questions.

    Will the A6 be enough to play off two decks and use an x1?

    Exactly how many phonos do I need to plug this little fecker in? I'm guessing it's twin RCA from each turntable to A6.
    But what will it be from the mixer to the A6?
    And at which point do the speakers get involved? I'd assume the standard single RCA from the mixer to each speaker?
    Is that right?

    I feel like a beginner again.

    ps. I know this kind of thing has probably (definitely) been asked a million times, but sometimes you need a specific answer tailored to your questions so please bare with : )

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    Think I've got it re the cables.

    I need 2x twin RCA coming from the decks, then 2x twin RCA to the mixer channels?
    Then the RCA out the mixer to the speakers.

    So dead expensive for Neo Oyaides

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    yah the A6 will be fine. it will go rca from decks to the a6 ins.. and rca from the A6 outs to the mixer line ins. then from the mixer master out to speakers. the x1 will be a non issue
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