its time for a new mixer
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    Default its time for a new mixer

    i currently have a djx 700 mixer and it sucks. I am thinking its time to buy a new mixer. I am tossing up between a korg zero 4 or a ecler evo 4.

    They are both similar prices and both have very good features anyone used or can shed some insight.

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    I have long thought of a Korg Zero4 myself, but in the end I didn't get one because of the problems surrounding that mixer. You hear a lot of people that have problems with this mixer because of the bad DSP chips that are in a lot of units. New firmware doesn't help and even if you get a new mixer under warranty, the chance is there that you get a new one with bad DSP chips.
    I know there are also people that have a Zero4 without experiencing these problems, but I chose the less risky way and went for another mixer. If you dare to take the step to a fully digital mixer (midi-controller) I can recommend the VCM-600.

    Good luck...
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