Help, please?! Traktor S4 headphone/cue delay.
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    Default Help, please?! Traktor S4 headphone/cue delay.

    Hi folks
    This fault is bugging me and is sucking the fun out of my time on my S4s.
    So, I'm playing a tune on Deck A. Nice. I want to start mixing in a tune on Deck B so I hit the cue button, put my headphones on to listen to Deck B. The feed playing through the headphones is about half a second delayed than what the deck playing. I know this because I put the mixer halfway and I can hear the delay in Deck B compared to what I'm hearing in the headphones.
    I'd be really grateful for any help you can give me in sorting this out.

    Many thanks in advance

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    What speakers are you running your S4 through?? If it's a home cinema system or something similar theres probably some processing built into it that is delaying the main output. If this is the case, try turning on bypass/direct mode or something similar to that.
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