hey everyone.

i've been working on a live performance template in ableton (playing and sequencing simple drum elements, percs, atmospheres and synths), which i wanted to use in accompaniment to my dj setup with traktor, but after some playing around with it i just realized, that it's too much for me and i can't really concentrate on both things. so i decided to put this beside for now and just concentrate on djing with traktor.
but i've put so much time into building this template and really would like to use it somehow. so i thought it could be a great idea to maybe team up with another dj or djane in berlin and add the live elements to somebody elses mixing. so if anyone is interested in a little jam session with some beer or coffee or whatever, to try things out and mess around a little just pm me.
when i'm djing i usually play (trancy/melodic to dark) techno. i'm looking for people who like to go in this direction, too.

ihr könnt mir auch auf deutsch schreiben.

cheers. marc