Pioneer cdj 900 vs 900 nexus
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    Question Pioneer cdj 900 vs 900 nexus

    Hey, so I would like to start using cdi's and I'm stuck at whether I should get the pioneer cdj 900 or 900 nexus. What are the main differences? Also, I use Serato dj for doing. Thanks!

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    900's look all MSDOS, 900NXS are high res screens with waveforms and shite. i've used mine (900nxs) with serato HID and you can browse through your playlists with them on the screens, and it has a full song wave at the bottom. you will NOT see the waveforms on the screens though. still gotta look at your computer for that.

    but i also use reckordbox sometimes as backup, so i like having those screens. if you aren't worried about ever playing without a computer, the regular 900's are fine. but if you wanna play with just cd's, the nexus is the way to go for SURE. based on owning them

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