[Deep House] The Pull Of Spheres -Tarekith Maschine Live Set Video
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    Default The Pull Of Spheres -Tarekith Maschine Live Set Video

    I've been doing more Maschine Studio live sets, here's the new one:

    http://tarekith.com/mp3s/Tarekith-ThePullOfSpheres.m4a <- Audio Link

    https://youtu.be/YUj9ItTTpVE <- Video Link

    I used Komplete 9 for this one for the first time, and I was constantly pushing against the limits of my CPU As before, done 100% from the controller as if it were a groovebox on it's own.

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    Nice! Looking forward to checking this out!

    I keep thinking I need to do more live stuff with Push and some of my keys...maybe you'll inspire me!

    Nice stuff man! Really dug it. Cool that you can do all that with Machine!

    Is that your new backyard across the pond?
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