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    Default Kaossilator questions

    Hey everyone just bought a kaossilator, i'm excited for the potential it can offer. I have a couple question about adding it into my setup. So since it only has the 2 outputs how can I incorporate it into my current setup. I have the Korg Km-202 so all my inputs are taken up by my turntables. Would it be possible to just split one of my inputs and add the Kaossilator in there or will it mess up my Timecode signal from the turntables. Also i'm not sure how familiar everyone is with Maschine but how can I input the Kaossilator sounds into Maschine. I use the Audio 8 Interface.

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    I don't know about machine but no you can't add it to the timecodes. You know what it does right? It's not really much use for DJs, it's a mini synth.... If you want FX it won't do it, you would want a kaoss pad.

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    unless you got one more input to spare else u cant incorporate this with all your tt's using timecodes

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