Any way to keep track playing after releasing CUE? (Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2)
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    Default Any way to keep track playing after releasing CUE? (Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2)

    Hi, I just recently purchased a pair of CDJ1000's to practise with and was wondering if there was anyway to keep the track playing after releasing the cue button rather than it just stopping, other CDJ's seem to have a function where if you hold the CUE button then press play and release the track will continue playing.


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    if the deck is not currently playing...

    pressing cue will start the track from its cue point & play for as long as you are holding the button
    if you let it go it will stop & go back to the cue point

    pressing the play/pause button will play the track from the set cue point

    if the deck is currently playing...

    pressing cue will set the cue point to the exact corresponding moment you hit the cue button (usually I will keep mine in vinyl mode & press the platter down to keep the track from spinning & set my cue point on the 1 beat if auto-cue has not already done so)

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    That feature you're looking for was a new addition to the CDJ-1000mk3, so you're out of luck with mk2s I'm afraid.

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