Invisible Landscapes 024 - Hessdalen Phenomena - Mixed by Jester

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Held Together By Gravity
Cosmic Replicant - Dancing Constellations
Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell - Across The Sun
Frore - Northern Winds
Unusual Cosmic Process - In Search For Experience
Fourth Dimension - Archaic Signal
Shpongle - The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights
Chronos - Shining Parallel World
Purl - Baleine
Solar Fields - Staring Into The Nothingness
Androcell - Desert Nomad (Remix)
Desert Dwellers - Snake Charmer
Astropilot - Night Meeting (Verges Of Time)
Aes Dana - Low Tide Explorations
Mystery Of The Yeti - A 'Welcome' To All Extra Terrestrials

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Since the 1980s, a strange phenomenon has been witnessed by thousands of people in the Hessdalen Valley in Norway - UFOs.
Strange lights, moving at incredible speed along the ground or high in the sky, have been photographed, videoed and tracked with radar.
A permanent research project is even based on the site. But even after all this, no one actually knows what the Hessdalen lights are, or what causes them.

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