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    Ive been using Traktor for a couple of years now with my 1210's but the world of effects is lost on me.

    I want to be able to use a few simple effects to use in assisting with transitioning between tracks where I wont mix the track or am changing things up completely.

    Ive used the beatmatcher to a basic effect.

    Does anyone have any pre-assigned effects that I could use, even some sounds like the old school gunshot would be good.

    any help would be appreciated



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    turn on Delay in expanded mode. turn filter to 95%, feedback to 95%, rate to 1/4 and turn it on when you wanna mix out. walla, echo freeze.

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    I like using ice reverb in 1 knob mode for a very subtle effect - set dry/wet knob to 100% set ice reverb to around 60-70% then use the on/off button to catch elements in the track, this works particulaly well if you catch the claps/snares and hit the button off right away to leave i nice icy cool tail lingering, you can also use this effect in breakdowns to give abit of a lift to the sound but you need to go abit easier in the dry/wet and ice reverb knobs especially at the start of the breakdown, you can tweek things up as thing build and hit it off at the drop to get the tail effect, just be careful you dont catch the first kick as the impact will catch in the reverb and sound like a fuzzy mess

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