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    I have a pair of denon SC3900 and can't get them to work with a traktor s4,does anyone know how to hook these up so I get everything working on the denon through traktor thanks,I am using scratch pro 2 on iMac if this helps thanks again

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    First of all find the TSI mapping file for the 3900's on the Denon webby (there's a link to it on their forums also) and load it into Traktor. Run the phonos from the Denon's to the line inputs on your S4 and then put your Denon's into hybrid midi mode, this will generate the time code signal for Traktor. Also USB the Denon's to your Mac and, thanks to the TSI file, you can use the Denon's to control Traktor for stuff like cue points, loops and file browsing. The mapping has a list of what does what and I think there is a certain amount of remix deck control included.

    Note: Traktor will insist your timecode signal isn't valid and will flash an annoying "calibration failed" message every minute or so. Turn off deck header warnings in Traktor and ignore it, the signal works fine. Traktor is telling you lies.
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